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  • John R John R May 17, 2014 8:52 AM Flag

    2 trades on the board - opinions wanted

    Just want to get an idea of if everyone sees these as fair:

    1) Freeman for Fielder/Reed/Chavez (the Reed side is dead last in saves -- could make it Fielder/Reed/Lindstrom instead)

    2) B Hamilton for Seager (Hamilton side is hurting for average, runs, and steals -- the Seager side is hurting for HR/RBI)

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    • The Freeman deal just went through - leaving me w/ Grili, Hawkins, Lindstrom, and Rendon as my closers - so I should be alright there, and I still have Stras, Greinke, Tehran, Cashner, and Kazmir in my rotation (I know, I spent waaaaaay too much on pitching).

      I'd love to hear anyone else's opinion on the matters - and who do you like more for SB's and Runs RoS: Dee Gordon or B Hamilton?

    • If you are asking for fairness,yes that is fair.
      If you are asking which side gets the better deal,Freeman side slightly in trade 1(dont like Fielder) and Hamilton side for trade 2(doesnt have a horrible BA which is a nice surprise to me)


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