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  • Scott Scott May 12, 2014 3:57 PM Flag

    What is Wrong With This Team?

    I play in a 10-team, H2H, non-keeper league, and I feel like I have a pretty solid roster, which hasn't been hit by too many injuries. But, I'm currently in 8th place and have been getting beaten by 10 points or more for the past few weeks.

    My roster:

    C - Carlos Santana
    1B - Joey Votto
    2B - Robinson Cano
    SS - J.J. Hardy
    3B - Kyle Seager
    OF - Giancarlo Stanton
    OF - Jason Heywayrd
    OF - Alex Gordon
    UTIL - Desmond Jennings

    1B - C.J. Cron
    IF - Dee Gordon
    IF - Emilio Bonifacio
    OF - Christian Yelich

    DL - Wilin Rosario

    SP - Jordan Zimmermann
    SP - Michael Wacha
    SP - Sonny Gray
    SP - Chris Archer
    SP - Chris Tillman
    SP - Yordano Ventura
    SP - Rick Porcello
    SP - Dillon Gee
    RP - Trevor Rosenthal
    RP - Jonathan Papelbon
    RP - Francisco Rodriguez
    RP - Mark Melancon

    DL - Michael Pineda
    DL - Taijuan Walker

    NA - Trevor Bauer

    I easily win SBs and Saves every week.

    I feel like I have a lot of solid young pitching, but a few guys (Archer, Tillman) have had rough starts to the year. Add that to massive struggles from Santana, Seager and Heyward, and there are definitely a few holes on the roster.

    That said, should I panic and try to make a few moves? Or is the talent there and just hasn't connected on all cylinders yet?

    Any feedback you can provide is much appreciated. Thanks!

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    • Some of the available OFs who might be better than Heyward include Granderson, Dom Brown, Aoki, Crawford, Gardner, Reddick, Fowler, Ozuna, Cain, Dickerson, Ackley, Viciedo and Parra.

      I personally don't like any of them more than Heyward, but if you think anyone's an upgrade, I'm open to suggestions.

      The only catchers available who may be an improvement over Santana and Rosario are Mesoraco, who is obviously hurt, but I may try to pick up and stash, or Zunino, who I'm not sold on yet.

      Available SS who could be considered better than Hardy are Owings, Miller, Aybar and Alcides Escobar.

    • Right off the bat, cut Heyward, i'm sure there is another outfielder out there who is better - Tori Hunter maybe? no flashy stats but dependable all the way.

    • Trade one of your catchers, try and package and trade Hardy and Seager for a 3B, move Gordon to SS. That's all I can suggest, or move Heyward and a pitcher for a better OF

    • You drafted 2 catchers, only drafted 1 player who most expected to hit over 30HR which is Stanton (nobody expected Cano to hit 30+ outside of the short porch in yankee stadium), there is no speed on the roster except dee Gordon and bonifacio which were probably picked up off of waivers, you selected a bunch of 1-year wonders in Hardy, Seager, Gordon, Jennings, Rosario, you drafted a closer before your 1st starting pitcher, you didn't draft a starting pitcher until the middle rounds,

    • more like whats wrong with carlos Santana and robinson cano

    • Biggest issue for you are guys that just aren't performing like they should. Santana is a big problem right now part of me toying with trying to get him in a trade see how low i can buy him for. Cano isn't living up to 1st rd expectations though i feared he wouldn't this year and Joey Votto I actually feel is one of the most overrated players. He has a high avg and ob% usually though avg down this year but the runs rbis and hr aren't condusive for a 1st or 2nd rd player and Hardy is a 25 hr ss but hasn't hit a single homer yet and I just traded for him today i expect and hope that changes. If at all possible i'd try to trade Votto and see if you can get a guy like teixiera perhaps and a good arm see if people will pay for the name or do something with cano heck do a big trade involve both and try to get kendrick along with other solid pieces. Good luck tough to win when the big names aren't doing what they should. I just dealt fielder and some other pieces got burnett, chisek, joe smith, and salty then added teixeria off waivers, ppl think i messed up i think i sold while i still could but its my opinion.


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