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  • Michael Michael May 10, 2014 3:14 AM Flag

    Charlie Blackman trade?

    In an 8 player rotisserie, I'm trying to make a trade with Charlie Blackman while he'll still get me something. First I tried to get Edwin Encarnacion. No deal. Now I'm going after Ryan Braun. Probably not going to happen. What tier of player should I be aiming for. Blackman's play thus far should earn me some type of upgrade. I just don't know how high to aim.

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    • Michael: What do you need in return for Blackmon? Closer,SP,Infield or OF? it looks like offense by trying to get Braun or Encarc! 1) I agree with others as his value/production is going to go down. I've compared him to Dee Gordon. Both off to starts they can't sustain. Both will fall off. Gordon actually is starting to last 2-3 games. 2) Other managers know he'll fall off so unless your real lucky they won't cough up a good player in return. 3) You may just want to keep him and enjoy the Coors Field benefits and possibly a few decent matchups on the road. 4) if trading, I'd look for a decent middle of the road player who is steadily producing based on what you need. I play in NL only so I can only suggest a few middle of road NL types here: M.Byrd,Ozuna,Morse,prado,,Parra,A.Simmons,Dom Brown,etc. Just a few names that some may agree/disagree with but all with starting gigs that can produce. You have choices with Blackmon and I hope one works out for you. good luck

    • Unless you're planning on starting Blackmon at home and benching Blackmon when he plays on the road...you're making a trade that's only good for HALF the season. He has 7HR and all of them are at home...26RBI...20 at home. He doesn't produce outside of Coors Field. I would expect his production to fall off considerably because eventually pitchers will figure him out at Coors too.

    • I have traded him twice in dynasty H2H leagues, landing Harper(once he got hurt) and Aroldis Chapman. I think Blackmon will completely fall off by the end of June he will be an afterthought

    • Nobody really knows Michael. It's one of those things to where you may be better off keeping him and maybe he surprises you and gives you top 20 production all year long. I wouldn't settle for anything less than someone like Puig or Wright at this time....but then would those manager give them up for Blackmon? Probably not. He's is the biggest enigma in Fantasy Baseball this year as far as guessing "is this real?" "should i sell high?" "what is he worth?"....the value is in the eye of the beholder. If i had to guess, he will continue to be a very productive player even if he falls off some.

      Sorry...this post probably didn't help much, if at all.


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