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  • KYLE KYLE Apr 30, 2014 8:11 AM Flag

    Dee Gordon: Will he remain fantasy relevant?

    Obviously he will not continue to hit .353, but can he hit .280-.290 & continue to steal a ton of bases?

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    • No. Barring injury, he will not remain fantasy relevant.

      Some guy here is talking about minor league stats and how "those 100 AB's last year were too small of a sample size to say thats who he is".

      I say we look at Gordon's 711 career at bats, in which he has hit .267 over parts of 4 seasons. In those 4 seasons he is a career .221 hitter against lefties. That's not good enough to play every day.

      Currently he is hot. He didn't suddenly learn how to hit lefties, he's just benefiting from an unsustainable .390 babip.

      This is very convenient for the Dodgers as Guerrero's defense seasons in AAA. But he is mashing down there and I think it a pretty safe bet that as soon as Gordon returns to his established norms, the Dodgers aren't going to wait around.

      So the smart move is to ride it out and be ready with a replacement for when the inevitable happens.

      But for Pete's sake if there is some nincompoop in your league who is willing to hand over anything of value for that overproducing player, pull the trigger before he comes to his senses.

    • Crawford and Gordon will be out. Gordon because his avg will fall off and Guerrero is waiting. Crawford plays OF so that has nothing to do with 2 people's arguments on this thread. Guerrero will take Gordon's 2nd base Job and joc penderson will take Crawford's. Guerrero for sure is going to take Gordon's job. Penderson will have to wait for the dodgers to trade Crawford or ethier. This is what is going to happen. Believe whatever you want in your fantasy where dee Gordon stays on top of the lineup the whole year, but only a fool would believe that is going to happen

    • The guy who is most likely to grab some bench when Alex G returns is Carl Crawford. Not many managers are going to tinker with what's not broke. Mattingly moved Dee from bottom to leadoff because of his SPEED and he kept producing and as long as he's producing he will play. Meanwhile Crawford who is paid a gozillion is batting .194BA vs Gordon .344BA. Only an idiot would keep Crawford in the lineup once Guerrero returns. I agree Alex has to play cause they're paying him a gozillion too. But Crawford ain't producing so he's likely the one to get benched.

    • he might steal a decent amount of bases but he is definitely a sell high candidate. it is also good to note that dee gordon has a whopping OPS of .353 against lefties this year.

    • I'm a dodgers fan so I know about the situation. Dee is a sell high guy right now and I would be takin the best offer I can get for him. Once Alex Guerrero comes up he's the primary 2nd base guy with dee Gordon moving to the bench. Don't get stuck with dee on your bench and sell high right now

    • I don't think that it is necessarily "obvious" Gordon won't continue to hit for a high average. When you are the leadoff guy and you're batting in front of Puig, HanRam, and AGon, you are going to see a lot of big fat juicy pitches to hit because pitchers would much rather get Gordon out and not have him on base for the 2 or 3 run double or HR - that is surely to follow. The same thing is happening in Chicago to Adam Eaton with Abreu and was happening to Bonifacio to a lesser extent with the Cubs. It is a chain effect...Gordon gets on...the slugging starts. Gordon makes an out...it's easier to get the other guys out. It's not working so well anymore for the Cubs because the guys behind Boni are lousy so pitchers are focused on getting him out and stopping the bleeding before it starts. Gordon & Eaton will remain very relevant so long as the guys behind them remain relevant. Classic baseball offensive strategy.


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