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  • Gregory Gregory Apr 29, 2014 7:58 PM Flag

    Stanton bashers

    Haven't seen any of those clowns in a while.

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    • its so funny how everyone wants to point at his injury history...ANY player can get injured on ANY play....its not like he has chase utley's knees or has any issue that should affect him long term....its like saying ellsbury is injury prone bc a guy landed on him one year and he had a few injuries the couple years before that....it just makes me laugh....anyways, this kid (yes kid) has elite power and in the MLB today, there isnt many guys with 50 HR potential....this kid could do that easily in his prime, and i dont see any reason he wont hit at least 35 HR this year (probably more really)....i have been getting killed on these boards for years for liking him, especially by #$%$ strong (who likes to bring up chone figgins' 162 game average....what happened to that? LOL)

      anyways, ill keep rostering him (keeper leagues i have in 2 of my 3 that im in) and keep turning down offers from other managers who need power.....

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      • I agree with all of that and would add that even an injured Stanton is better than over half the player stats... I'll draft 100 games of Stanton if he helps my team get to the playoffs or make a significant push in roto. Certainly Stanton is not the only guy out there but to avoid a proven stud based on "what-ifs" seems crazy to me.

    • All I know is I can't wait for him to get out of Miami, if he does.

    • comes down to health, he's very young so I tend to give those players a pass unless it's constant obliques and stuff. I do not own him, looked at trading for him before the season started in one league but just couldn't work out a deal. His power is unreal though

    • Abreu and Hamilton are the only guys I can really think of that seemed to burn themselves out in the derby. Like I said though, I don't really care about him from a fantasy standpoint since I don't own him and have no intention of trading for him. He might hit the ball harder than anyone I've ever seen and I'd like to see him go at it in the derby, him and Justin Upton actually.

    • @JFat - If I'm Stanton 's owner or manager the last place you'd want to see him is in the HR Derby. How many times have you seen guys look great going into the Derby then when they return to action they look like #$%$ the rest of the way? Not only that....I'd be scared he'd try to hit every ball into the next county and hurt himself. He's got all the talent in the world but missing 46 games & 39 games the past 2 years will scare off a lot of fantasy owners.

    • I just hope he's in the HR derby this year. I don't really care about his fantasy value but he is one of my favorite hitters to watch.

      The comment about not being roster-able in a 10-12 team league is absurd. I don't think he'll be worth his ADP by the end of the season but he'll definitely be useful, not too many guys with 40 HR potential these days.

    • In 2012 Stanton finished the season as the #42 player in fantasy. In 2013 Stanton finished the season as the #222 player in fantasy. Excuse me if I am not that impressed.

    • Stanton is not rosterable in any league smaller than a 20 team league. These fools worship Stanton now, but when he suffers his annual injury and starts getting pitched around, you won't hear a peep from his posse.

    • To me Stanton is a injury prone Jay Bruce with less talent around him. I currently own him in one of my keeper leagues. i enjoy his production when he plays but i expect at some point to lose him for 20 or 30 games to the DL. Pretty much the same if you own someone like Tulo or Hanram. I'd love to see Stanton on a more talented team in a smaller stadium

    • I am not big on Stanton. Yes he is off to a great start & IF he can remain healthy he could have a GREAT year. However he tends to get hurt (missed over 40 games each of the past 2 seasons), hits for a fairly low average, & does not steal bases. Still IF he can remain healthy he could put up big numbers with Yelich & company getting on base regularly in front of him.

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