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  • Peter Peter Apr 23, 2014 4:52 PM Flag

    Trading for a RP, who should I offer?

    I need a RP in a 12 team Roto league, & I'm thinking of offering an SP to someone in my league since that's what he's asking for on the trade block. What do you think is the most balanced offer/best offer at getting accepted?

    My SP (that I'm willing to trade): Wilson, Cain, Gallardo, Tillman, and maybe Cole.
    His RP: Cishek, Hunter, Balfour

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    • most balanced offer and best offer are opposites so this is a 2 part question. Most balanced offer would be Cain for Hunter. Best offer for you that may be accepted is Cain for Cishek/Balfour. I don't see a difference in Cishek or Balfour but better than Hunter - flip a coin or pick the team you like better or more likely to watch on tv.

    • I like Cishek, Balfour, and Hunter in that order as far as the closers are concerned. I wouldn't want to give Cole for any of those guys and I like Gallardo's chances at a big bounceback season. Other than that I don't think it matters much who is involved. So why not leave the choice in the other manager's hands? I've had good luck with that strategy. I think people are more willing to deal when they feel in control and when they get a sense they're trading with someone flexible. Tell him you're interested in either Cishek or Balfour and that you'd be willing to give either Wilson, Tillman, or Cain. Let him take it from there.


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