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  • Rock Hard Nipples Rock Hard Nipples Apr 20, 2014 2:01 PM Flag

    Do I use my #1 waiver on Bonafacio?

    You guys think it's worth it?

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    • Like I said earlier...if using the waiver has a chance of significantly upgrading your team - do it (no matter if it's Boni or somebody else). For example, If I had a team that was very very strong in HR & RBI & decent in R and I needed one 40SB guy to put my offense over the top...and the only 40SB guy available is Boni...I would add Bonifacio because his potential extra 40+SB could be a huge difference maker in how far your team goes. If adding Boni just gives me one guy who can steal bases...it would be a waste of the waiver. Holding onto the waiver doesn't help you at all...use it where it helps your team the most.

    • Do you realize in his last 8 games, including his 2 hit performance today, he's batted .212. Thats the Bonifacio you can expect. Don't waste a #1 on him - pick him up as a FA if you wish, but he's at most a .260 hitter with low OBP. He'll soon be at the bottom of the order so his only value is SB's - he won't produce anywhere else including runs. There's a reason he was placed on waivers - he has occasional streaks in between long periods of mediocrity.

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      • Pointing out Bonifacio's past 8 games proves about as much as pointing out Miguel Cabrera's past 8 games. You have it about right with the BA imo, but there is the possibility for better, maybe even much better. And you can't say he won't produce runs, look at his past 5 seasons and tell me how unfavorably he compares with (say) Ian Desmond in that category? Considering you didn't have to draft him high (or at all), and he could be serviceable at BA and Runs and elite in SB, AND 2B/3B/OF/CI/MI eligible... if your team needs steals what else would you want from your waiver priority? The chance that an owner has a stroke and accidentally drops Trout?

        Now mind you, if you are set with steals and are in need of power or pitching or something else that Bonifacio can't provide, then pass of course.

    • I would pass. He cleared waivers in our league.

    • If you need the steals, do it. Waiver priority is overrated. I've had years where the #1 pick got me a young Lincecum and Ovechkin's rookie season (hockey), and I've had years where I've held onto it like grim death and passed on lesser but helpful players for (as it would turn out) no reason. If you see a guy you like, take him and to hell with waiver priority.

    • i wouldn't. for those who say he's guaranteed a spot with the cubs, what happens in june when they start bringing up their prospects? thats gonna cut into his time. and number 1 just for sb? thats the only thing he's gonna give you

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      • There's no guarantees who is going to be playing in June...but if you have the league leader in SB available on the WW and getting him helps make your team potentially exponentially better - you make the move. By the way he's also scored 11 runs to go with 8 steals so he's NOT just a one stat player and his BA is well over .300. His BA will come back to earth but as long as he's playing he will steal and score.

    • It all depends on what your team needs & how the pickup benefits your team. Today I dropped Smyly for Bonifacio because with Boni I am very capable of leading my league in SB. So Smyly was no price to pay at all for that. So yes...I would use a #1 Waiver for him but ONLY if it meant acquiring him helps put my team over the top.

    • Not even close

    • Bonifacio's problem isn't that he's streaky, its that in the past he has never really been given a chance to keep his job, and when he has he just gets hurt and loses it. He's only put up over 400 ABs 3 times and over 500 once. In those years his BA was 240, 250 and 300. He always seems to be hurt. He does have the talent to put up 40 SBs if that is a cat you need. And on this Cubs team, he could get close to 90 runs if he stays healthy. But his BA will most likely be under 260. Problem is, I seriously doubt he stays healthy. He will get hurt, then struggle for a month and then lose his job at some point this season.

    • I would...Like Alan said..hes on a bad cubs team and nobody is gonna threaten him for playing time...if you need Runs and SB take him cause a #1 waiver is nice and all...but you hold onto it too long and your only gonna end up using it for a closer down the road

    • NO!!! I can't type loud enough!!!! He's had 2 previous streaks like his current one and each time faded into oblivion. By the time you get him, he will have peaked - you'll get a few steals but his other stats are sub-par - he'll stay in the cubby lineup only if they can stomach his terrible defence.

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