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    I see you on here quiet a bit and like your opinions usually. So, I thought that I would pick your brain about my team. In a 14 team keeper league, I am struggling with offensive production and pretty solid pitching wise. The league is roto with 7x7 scoring, 5x5 plus obp, total bases, qs, and holds. Here is my roster:
    C-Santana (Grandal as a backup)
    IF-Morneau, LeMahieu and Asdrubal Cabrera platooning for one spot
    OF-Heyward, Sizemore, Markakis, Rasmus (I start 3)
    Utility- Markakis, Rasmus, LeMahieu, Cabrera (platoon for one spot)
    SP-Strasburg, Gray, Teheran, Martin Perez, Kuroda, Harvey (DL)
    RP-Uehara, Soriano, Brian Wilson, J.P. Howell, McGee, Walden, Ottavino, Gonzalez German

    So, I would like your feedback on my roster. I got burned by Veras as a third closer but I have hope that Ottavino or German can get into the closer roles since they are both behind mediocre veterans on non contending teams. I have concern about the strikeout rates of Heyward and Marte but I think both have produced well when they have made contact or walked. Hill is a guy I was really confident in getting a solid avg, descent pop and double digit steals from but I am becoming concerned about him. I feel like Santana will come around and I am not too concerned about the recent drought Grady has had. I like my rotation but don't know about Strasburg, I am concerned at this point. Any other thoughts would be welcomed as well.

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    • I've never played in a league as large as yours (14 teams) which also seems to have very deep rosters. I see lots of names on your team that are very unappealing - but with so many players already rostered in your league I'm not sure you have better alternatives in your FA pool. You express concern about Hill and Stras. Looking at names like Sizemore, Rasmus, , Wilson etc I think Stras ought to be the least of your worries. Just remember that we've only played three weeks out of twenty six. There is a long long way to go. Don't panic if your stars have slow starts. What's more important is that they are healthy. I don't know if I've written anything that helps you or not. Good luck.

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      • I appreciate the thoughts, Wilson is not a concern for me at all bc I replaced him in my lineup with Howell as soon as he got hurt. I haven't started him since he returned. He is one of the next guys I will likely let go in fact. Rasmus is ideally a platoon guy, when he gets hot he is pretty damn good for a deeper league. I think I need another outfielder to platoon in there. As for Grady, I like what I have seen from him. He is in a slump but I think if he stays healthy he will only get better and could flirt with the top 100 which would be a gift considering he was one of my last picks.

    • I agree, don't deal Freeman, build around him. Id dal Uehara. Hes up there in age and this is when his value is the highest, you may get a good young player for him. I like your staff with Gray/Tehran/Stras/Harvey for years to come. Id look into moving Stras though. You could get a ton for him. Maybe try Stras and Heyward for Wacha and Cargo/Jones if possible. How many keepers? I don't see you having much chance winning this year because your hitting isn't good besides your inf. I also don't like Reyes and Hill. Maybe offer Reyes for Castro and someone. Hill for Gyorko/Rendon

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      • The keepers vary depending on where you finish. It ranges from 6 to 9. In all honesty, I don't plan to keep any pitcher other than Strasburg and Harvey beyond this year. If Gray continues close to what he has done, I could consider dealing Strasburg but I want to see a lot more of Gray first. I am not a fan of Castro at all, I feel he and Andrus are really over-rated. I also have Lindor in my minors and would much rather turn over the reigns to him next year. If I don't contend, Reyes is certainly a guy I will deal later on. I think you guys are missing the fact that this is a 14 team league. While my OF has not performed thus far, I think that it is highly competitive. I would say it is even in the upper half of the league. That may sound bias but here are a few other outfield in the league, from teams ahead of me in the standings.
        Carlos Gomez, Stanton, Myers, Hamilton (clearly better than mine)
        AJax, Rios, Jay, Alex Gordon (mine is better)
        Bourn, Revere, Justin Upton, Ozuna (I prefer mine)
        Cutch, Morse, Blackmon, Puig (I think mine is comparable but I am not a Puig fan)
        Harper, Melky, Cocoa, Rajai Davis (I think mine is better)
        Those are the outfields for the top 5 teams

    • I would be looking to shop Reyes. Maybe sell Freeman while he is hot. You can probably get Fielder plus an upgrade for him right now. Your OF is horrible with no upside so I would focus on fixing that. Maybe you can pick up Braun, McCutchen, or Puig for cheap right now. Your pitching looks solid.

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      • It is a keeper league, I am not a fan of the idea of dealing Freeman for Fielder at all. I do think Fielder will do better in Texas this year but I don't think we have seen the ceiling for Freeman yet. Remember the league counts OBP as well as Avg and those are the stats I am weakest in currently. I think I lose a lot of Avg and OBP if I were to deal Freeman for Fielder. I think aside from Goldy, Freeman is as good as you can have at first base in a keeper league. Dude is 24 years old.


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