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  • Jason Jason Apr 16, 2014 9:21 PM Flag

    Big Trade Help

    I give Pujols, Strasburg and George Springer for Tulowitzki, Bumgarner and Dominic Brown
    Do I do this?

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    • What's up Jason... I'll take a crack at this one for you... I think people don't want to touch it because it's a tough one.

      You give up Pujols/Strasburg/Springer for Tulo/Bummy/DBrown

      Looking at the pitching first, it's pretty close to a wash... with perhaps an edge to Bumgarner based on actual current performance... but not enough to really say you are gaining or losing any great advantage, unless of course you believe that April is a true foreshadowing of Strasburg's season, which is probably not realistic as he will likely figure out what adjustments to make and start missing bats in short order... but Bumgarner is elite as well, and he is pitching well, has a good bullpen and surprisingly clutch offense so you don;t hurt yourself on that exchange.

      Now Pujols vs Tulo

      Albert aint what he used to be obviously, but he does seem to be batting with a little more purpose this year to try and reclaim some of his old lustre. He does have 4 big flies already, but is also only hitting at a .237 clip, which of course can change dramatically within a few games when it's only mid-April, but if you have other 1B options or there are guys who could produce some power at 1B in the free agent pool, then dealing him for an elite SS like Tulo may not be so bad, even with the oft-injured SS still ailing. The trade-off here really hinges on A. Who will you play at 1B? and B. Who will you play at SS until Tulo gets healthy?

      And finally Springer vs DBrown

      With Brown sv Springer, I think Brown is the proven bat at the Major League level with power/average and some speed as well. He is protected in an infinitely better lineup than Springer is and Springer while sexy and trendy will likely have some ups and downs in his first taste if the Bigs. Both OFs play in bandbox stadiums so that's a wash, but I, personally lean pretty heavily towards Brown.

      So to me... it boils down to the Pujols/Tulo. Pujols is faded, but how faded is he? And how hurt is Tulo? And for how long?

    • I like it

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