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  • Allan Allan Apr 10, 2014 3:07 PM Flag

    Davis or Yelich?

    Who would you rather have K.Davis or C.Yelich?

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    • Ok - Here's something that won't be new to people who know how to play - but may be a revelation to novices. How many of you pay attention to the hitter's splits? If you have a deep bench - like my league allows - you have the luxury of being able to have guys whose overall batting may not be great - but whose split from one side or the other is excellent. If you have a minute check out the splits on Yelich. Prior to tonight he has batted 271 times and has an overall average of .288. He#$%$ 4 homes and stolen 12 bases. Pretty good for a kid but certainly nothing to get all excited about. Now = check out his splits. For some reason they've let him bat 101 times against fellow southpaws and his average is a very dismal .158. BUT - - in 170 at bats against righties Yelich is now hitting .365!!! How many people know that? Now that is a pretty damn impressive number! So - the smart owner wants Yelich - and will play him only against righties. Get a guy like Adam Lind - who murders righties too - and between them you have one damn nice DH. Make sense?

    • Davis, but I'm not very high on either.

    • Funny you ask - I have then both in 1 of my leagues. Pretty even players both with great upside.

      It really comes down to whether you need Power or Speed as Davis will get more HR and RBI and Yelich will get more R and SB - the Averages should be comparable.


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