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  • Rick Rick Mar 29, 2014 8:01 PM Flag

    Can I finish in the top 3 with this team?

    I was joking around in the message boards predicting that my team is going to finish in 1st place this year,blah blah blah the usual talk.Then one manager told me that he doesnt see my team as a top 3 team.I might have been joking about 1st place but I think I have a strong chance of finishing in the top 3,what do you think?
    12 team DYNASTY H2H 6x6(+OBP and HLD)
    C Lucroy
    1B Goldshmidt
    2B Kipnis
    3B Wright
    SS Hardy
    LF D Brown
    CF McCutchen
    RF Bautista
    Util Zobrist, Calhoun
    BN Fowler,Castellanos,Springer,Polanco
    NA Lindor
    SP Anibal Sanchez,Scherzer,Bailey
    RP Rosenthal,Parnell,Cishek
    P Cain,Masterson,Garza
    BN Ventura,Nate Jones,LaTroy Hawkins
    NA Zimmer,Sanchez

    I think both my offense and pitching are strong.
    For batting,I took a lot of players that can contribute in many categories,including McCutchen,Kipnis,Wright,Goldscmidt(I know most people dont consider him as a multi category player,but dont forget he has stolen 33 bases in his last 2 years) and Zobrist.I also have great prospects in Springer,Castellanos and Polanco and some sluggers in Goldscmidt,Brown,Bautsita and Hardy.
    Another thing I like is that I have a lot of players with good AVG and OBP and I dont have a Dunn/Granderson/Trumbo type of guy that will totally ruin my AVG.

    For pitching,I get a lot of Ks out of my SPs and I am hoping my RPs will be able to bring down the decent ERA and WHIP my SPs have.I probably wont lose saves,but that is all up to how Jones and Hawkins pitch.
    As you can see,I am punting HLDs but I may pick up a setup guy if some of my players get injured during the year.

    Anyways,what are you thoughts on this team?
    Do you think it can finish in the top 3?

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