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  • ZZ RUDD ZZ ZZ RUDD ZZ Mar 20, 2014 12:03 AM Flag

    Do I need more hitting?12team

    I feel like I am lacking a tad in the hitting department.. what do you think? thanks..

    C- Matt Weiters
    1B- Anthony Rizzo
    2B- Ian Kinsler
    3B- Nolan Arenado
    SS- Troy Tulowitzki
    OF- Shin-Soo Choo
    OF- Wil Myers
    OF- Matt Kemp

    Util/bench- Norichika Aoki, Brandon Belt, Anthony Rendon, Todd Frazier, Oscar Taveras

    SP- Yu Darvish, David Price, Matt Latos, Clay Buchholz, Zach Wheeler, Ivan Nova, Travis Wood, Jose Quintana
    RP- Sergio Romo, Jonathan Papelbon

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    • Three of those guys should not be starting.... not even counting UTIL lol. (Arenado, Wieters, Rizzo)

    • A tad lacking? You don't have any hitting.

      Also...what kind of fool are you to have Rizzo starting over Belt?

      If you are going to carry a third 3B on your roster...Todd Frazier is NOT the answer.

      Unless this is a 2016 league there is no reason to own Oscar Taveras.

      You have one too many SP and one too few RP.

      Give me one good reason for why you have Norichika Aoki on your roster...one...GOOD reason.

    • it would be interesting to see the draft to see how it played out. who was your first pick, tulo then darvish #2? hitting is light and especially in the key contributing positions, 1b and OF. not to say your OF is bad, but does myers suffer a slump in his 2nd year, can kemp play like he should be able too. those are easy to navigate if you have contributions frokm other sources but that looks thin too. if all the stars align, you've got a contender and will look like a genius - on a less 'rainbows and teddy bears' note - looks like you have some work ahead...
      good luck

    • yes since you will need backups for when Kemp and maybe Tulo go down with a injury

    • Well, if Matt Kemp and Tulo stay healthy and Rizzo, Arenado and Myers all breakout, then your offense may be OK, but that's a lot of ifs. Also, don't count on Kinsler's numbers being anywhere near what they were in Texas.


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