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  • Jack Jack Mar 18, 2014 5:54 PM Flag

    Belt vs Rizzo


    Which one do you think will have the better year?

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    • Every single year, everyone claims Belt will break out and he doesn't. He sort of broke out last year but I agree with what someone else said in that being his ceiling. I really don't see him doing much better than that. Rizzo on the other hand, comes with much more risk but has a much higher ceiling. With these two guys, unless your team already has a ton of risky players, I don't see why you wouldn't just keep the one with the higher ceiling. If Belt repeats last year, it's not like he's a huge value anyways. And if Rizzo improves even a little, he's already worth as much as Belt. Easy decision for me.

    • Rizzo IMO. Can't be much worse than he was last year, and even then he was decent. Much more upside.

    • I think it will be Belt, and I don't think it will even be close.

      I think Rizzo will hit a few more HRs than Belt, but I would be surprised if he had a batting average within 50 points of Belt, unless Rizzo went into a lefty-righty platoon and didn't face lefthanded pitching. Belt should have significantly more runs, rbis, and SBs.

    • rizzo hit .192 against lefties last year with a .342 slugging percentage. oof. thats not just bad fantasy wise, it means if he doesnt improve against lefties he could be looking at a platoon and have relatively little job security. also through May 18th last year he had 10 of his 26 homers, 30 of his 80 rbis, and had an avg of .282. i think its fair to say that pitchers figured him out after that as his avg fell from .282 to .233 and his ops fell from .890 to .742. these are not encouraging stats for rizzo. belt has continued to improve as a hitter, has not been nearly as inconsistent, and should bat in the top half of the order. i think belt has legit breakout potential and could be a legit 5 cat producer for a 1B. rizzo seems like a risky inconsistent power hitter and i dont value that super highly

    • Rizzo.

      I pretty much stopped paying attention to Belt toward the end of 2012, so I'm surprised to see that last year he hit almost .290 with 17hr. That being said, I see that as Belt's ceiling - it's good, but not quite what you're looking to get out of 1B.

      Rizzo looks great this spring (.393/2hr/.450obp) - I know st numbers don't mean a lot, but I think this is a good indication that he's making solid contact. If he can get his line drive rate up, then he could easily surpass Belt. If 2013 is his floor, I would take him because of the exciting potential for a big year.

    • Belt will bo doubt in my mind


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