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  • troy h troy h Mar 18, 2014 4:37 PM Flag

    I just drafted my first roto 12 man pubillc league Advice please

    C Joe Mauer
    1st Freddie Freeman
    2nd Ben Zobrist'
    3B Chase Headley
    SS Derek Jeter
    Outfield Yasiel Puig,Andrew McCutchen,Curtis Granderson
    Uti Mark Texira, Howie Kendrick
    SP Masahiro Tanaka
    Micheal Wacha
    John Lester
    AJ Burnett
    Matt Garza
    Zach Wheeler
    RP Aroldis Chapman
    Jim Johnson
    John Papelbon

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    • if there is another SS i would grab them(baez) and store them in the na spot if you have one and use jeter until they are called up otherwise you are good

    • Replace Jeter ASAP, he's a part time player in decline. To be honest, your team is pretty bad, sorry to say it. I'm not sure how you missed out on some better players than what you have here. Headley at 3B is not good considering you have Jeter at SS. Your OF is good enough, but Granderson's poor AVG will cost you somewhat. Texeira is similar to Granderson. Power, but crap AVG. Kendrick doesn't give you a big amount of anything to justify occupying a UTIL slot. You'll be fine with saves, but too many question marks at the top of your staff for me. Tanaka could be great, but he could suck, so he's a huge risk to be your ace. If you tell me who are available FA's in your league, I might be able to help you pick some better players.


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