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  • Harry Harry Mar 13, 2014 10:57 PM Flag

    1B Rankings

    Rank 1B 1-15. Everyone is saying its deep, but if you want a solid 4 cat guy, I think you have to reach. I'd appreciate responses.

    Here's mine:

    1) Goldy
    2) Votto
    3) Fielder
    4) Davis
    5) Encarnacion
    6) Craig
    7) Freeman
    8) Adrian Gonzalez
    9) Pujols
    10) Ortiz
    11) Trumbo
    12) Posey
    13) Hosmer
    14) Butler
    15) Cuddyer

    Pujols and Ortiz have potential to be in top 5 but are too risky. I feel like there's a lot of risk and uncertainty after about 8 (at the most). Trumbo you're paying for 3 cats, Butler and Hosmer don't get outstanding power numbers so 1B being a power position isn't the case, Posey is in the same boat as the latter, and Cuddyer isn't worth starting for obvious reasons.

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    • Hitting in general just isn't terribly deep. At least with sure-fire production. Risk with every position the further down the board you go. Best mocks so far for me have ignored pitching/catchers entirely for the first 6 rounds, making sure 1B/3B and at least 2OF are covered in those first 6 picks. SP is really deep and closers can be found throughout the year typically if you don't get 3 during the draft.

    • no one cares, fckin tim kirkjian over here

    • if butler makes the list (when he even qualifies at 1b) I would have to say mauer over him if u are putting posey in.
      id say cabrera, goldy, davis, fielder, encarnacion. votto, freeman, pujols, hosmer, posey, gonzalez, craig, ortiz, trumbo, santana, cuddyer. butler, adams, abreu, rizzo...would be my top 20....if i really sat and thought about it the order would probably be different, but that is a rough idea.
      i would put the catchers in just becaue they are multi position eligible which is nice. Belt had a nice second half and abreu has raw power, so they would be in top 20 for upside for me.

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      • Anyone starting a catcher at first base is doing nothing but playing to lose. That is a horrible idea. Their multi position eligibility means very little.

        My top 17 1b
        Cabrera, Goldy, Davis, Fielder, Votto, Encarnacion, Freeman, Pujols, Hosmer, Ortiz, Craig, Agon, Trumbo, Rizzo, Butler, Adams, Abreu

        Lots of question marks after Freeman, but also a whole ton of upside the farther down the list you go. I try to grab someone I listed Freeman or higher if I can, then grab a late round Rizzo/Adams/Abreu to pair with him. Might hit gold, might not, but its worth the gamble that late in the draft. If I miss out on one of the top guys, then i'll try to take two that are somewhere in the middle.


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