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  • Nick Nick Mar 11, 2014 4:18 AM Flag

    Keepers league re-draft: who should i focus on (pitchers)!?

    10 teams, 14 keepers! so pool is already half empty!
    my team is full with batters: C: Perez 1B: Fielder 2B: Altuve 3B: Encarnacion SS: Desmond OF: CarGo Choo Bautista Util: Carpenter, Wright
    but for the pitching staff i'm thin with SP Matt Moore, Cashner, Gray RP KJansen
    avalaible at the draft are: Matt Cain, Ryu, Medlen, Tanaka, Samardjiza, then Cueto, Liriano, Kuroda, Garza, then Lynn, Archer, Buccholtz, Burnett...
    I pick 6th. so Cain should be gone by then. i like the Dodgers team, so Ryu could be the value here. Medlen got sligthly injured, Tanaka in NY :/ ? i had Samard on my team, and got nothing except Ks.
    i'm really leaning toward Chris Archer i love, but should i secure him with a 1st round pick? what if i wait 2nd round pick 16th?
    hopefully other managers will battle for good batters avb: like Zobrist, Philips, Butler, Beltran, DJennings, M.Adams ... Ev.Cabrera can be a nice pick, and i'll try to have some shares of José Abreu...
    ho btw, there are many good RPs to get as well.. Uheara, Grilli, CJanssen, Reed, but don't pay for saves too early

    what do you guys think ?
    thanks, Nick

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    • here is how i landed last night:
      1. Archer : all the others went before : Uheara Cain Ryu Tanaka: 5Ps on the 5 1st picks, next was BBuxton !!!
      2. A.Wood: reaching for him, little panic pick, cause Reed went 1pick before me, also P Cueto Lynn, Grilli CJanssen, JimJohnson
      3. Rex Brothers: he'll take Hawkins spot during the year. hesitation with Frieri, cause Samard came 1 pick before me, pick after was TJWalker
      4. Zack Wheeler, with Kuroda still on board! and ALL the RPs are going now...
      5. Billy Butler still on board! couldn't pass on him as the RPs i wanted were out except Parnell
      6. Straily! i have to complete my pitching staff, but too good OF or 1B on board, gone same round: Cruz, Yelich, MAdams, Gattis, Bourn, Belt
      7. Melancon: no saves, Holds then!!
      8. Cody allen: no saves, Holds then!!! 2 tops relievers that could end up closers behind Grilli and Axford. was hesitating with YVentura, gone just after!
      9. My P team is pretty much set now, maybe a good rookie: OF K Calhoun! in case Bautista gets injured! was hesitating with Seager 3B, but i have 3!
      10. NA spot to fill, all the others already picked top prospects,,, i landed Javier Baez, when i was focusing Sano-not-now
      11. almost last pick, about to pick Moss-30HR, gone before, or Khris Davis, i choose D Ruf 1B/OF in Philly
      12. already too many batters,,,, looked for a called-up top prospect: Erik Johnson

      What do you guys think?
      SPs: Moore Cashner Gray Archer A.Wood Wheeler Straily EJohnson
      RPs: KJansen Brothers Melancon Allen

    • I'd rank SPs available as : Archer, Cueto, Ryu, Tanaka, Cain, Liriano, Buccholtz, Kuroda, Garza, Lynn, Burnett

    • UP !! draft in 11hours ...
      trying 1.Ryu 2.Reed 3.Archer?

    • Check this UP ^^

      Medlen may be out of the discussion now... i'd take Ryu because I have Kenley closing in LAD!
      So wins and saves may come together !
      but i really want my Chris Archer back,,, Reed is really tempting as well, i'll focus him like i did for Jansen before!

      my bet would be on Allen as a future reliever,,,for this year and the nextS ;)

    • I would target Ryu with your first pick and Reed with your second. Reed has the potential to finish the season as a top 5 closer, and Uehara is expected to regress some and could even loose the closers role. But Reed should be a solid pick barring injury. If Reed or Kuroda fall to you in the second round, snag them. I would focus on pitching until you are happy and then grab a couple guys like Guerrero or Ruf if they are still out there in free agency.


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