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    How Do I Look?

    5x5 Roto

    1. (4) Andrew McCutchen (Pit - OF)
    2. (21) David Wright (NYM - 3B)
    3. (28) Ian Desmond (Was - SS)
    4. (45) Álex Ríos (Tex - OF)
    5. (52) David Ortiz (Bos - 1B)
    6. (69) James Shields (KC - SP)
    7. (76) Shelby Miller (StL - SP)
    8. (93) Wilin Rosario (Col - C)
    9. (100) Carlos Beltrán (NYY - OF)
    10. (117) Danny Salazar (Cle - SP)
    11. (124) Addison Reed (Ari - RP)
    12. (141) Jim Henderson (Mil - RP)
    13. (148) Nelson Cruz (Bal - OF)
    14. (165) John Axford (Cle - RP)
    15. (172) Jed Lowrie (Oak - 2B,SS)
    16. (189) Patrick Corbin (Ari - SP)
    17. (196) Ben Revere (Phi - OF)
    18. (213) Tim Lincecum (SF - SP)
    19. (220) Jason Castro (Hou - C)
    20. (237) Dan Haren (LAD - SP)
    21. (244) Chris Johnson (Atl - 1B,3B)
    22. (261) Yovani Gallardo (Mil - SP)
    23. (268) Omar Infante (KC - 2B)

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    • If you're looking for real criticism...You're first 3 rounds went well, it kinda fell apart after that. Rios and Ortiz aren't terrible players to have by any means, but I think you were better off getting a better Pitcher in round 4 or 5 if those were the players you were going to grab there. There's plenty of depth at those 2 positions that you could have grabbed a couple rounds later and gotten better pitching than Shields and Miller as the aces of your team. Sale, Price, Greinke and Sanchez are going in those two rounds frequently. Salazar may have been a round too early, but that's a matter of about 8 picks, so it's not that big a deal. He may end up your best pitcher though. I'm also not sure why you drafted Catcher so early if you were going to be stuck with Rosario. Again, not a terrible guy to have, but catcher is so profoundly weak that everyone is going to struggle at that position. If you're going to get an average overall player at a scarce position, get a dominant overall player at a scarce position instead, like maybe an elite closer. You got Rasario about 20 picks below his ADP when you could have gotten a Wieters, Gattis, perez or Lucroy about 5 rounds later. Just one man's opinion.

      However, you do have a team to work with. Be active in trades and on the waiver wire, you'll be fine. My crystal ball says you are going to struggle with power unless Nelson Cruz has a resurgence.

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      • Thanks for taking the time for that, much appreciated. I agree I reached with Rios, but he has 25/50 potential. 1B and C were going fast, so my hand was forced somewhat by picking Ortiz and Rosario when I did. I'm hoping Salazar and Corbin rise to the occasion; if they do, my SP will hold it's own I think. In terms of power, I actually think this squad is set up fairly well. For HR's I think this is possible:

        Cutch 30
        Wright 25
        Desmond 20
        Rios 25
        Ortiz 30
        Rosario 30 (slated to play 1B when not catching)
        Beltran 30 (HR-friendly division)
        Cruz 30 (HR-friendly division)
        Lowrie 15

        If Lincecum and Haren can tighten up, I might have a shot....I hope!

    • get a good 2B i would say, Lowrie is a great back up

    • With Reed, Axford, Lincecum, Haren and Gallardo your ERA and WHIP will take a good hit. But those are the only two holes I see. Your hitting is real solid.


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