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  • Eskimo Brother Eskimo Brother Mar 5, 2014 11:03 PM Flag

    Hey #$%$ Strong!!

    just wondering man, I noticed you have some opinions on other people's posts about their outfielders,infielders and pitchers. I know this is why they post for others opinios which is good that you do chime to help...so I guess my question to you is, in a perfect world(snake draft 5x5 roto) what would your all star team look like? who would you target in say the first 10 rounds and when would you start targeting pitchers...thanks if you respond.

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    • That team drafted by Strong is not going very far this year...

    • he dropped Rendon for Qualls LMAO

    • Here are my actual draft results from this year:

      Ride Like the Wind
      1. (3) Andrew McCutchen (Pit - OF)
      2. (22) Carlos Gómez (Mil - OF)
      3. (27) Yasiel Puig (LAD - OF)
      4. (46) Ian Desmond (Was - SS)
      5. (51) Allen Craig (StL - 1B,OF)
      6. (70) Ian Kinsler (Det - 2B)
      7. (75) Ben Zobrist (TB - 2B,SS,OF)
      8. (94) Martín Prado (Ari - 2B,3B,OF)
      9. (99) Shane Victorino (Bos - OF)
      10. (118) Evan Gattis (Atl - C,OF)
      11. (123) Kris Medlen (Atl - SP)
      12. (142) Tony Cingrani (Cin - SP,RP)
      13. (147) Danny Salazar (Cle - SP)
      14. (166) Chris Archer (TB - SP)
      15. (171) C.J. Wilson (LAA - SP)
      16. (190) Tim Lincecum (SF - SP)
      17. (195) John Lackey (Bos - SP)
      18. (214) LaTroy Hawkins (Col - RP)
      19. (219) Christian Yelich (Mia - OF)
      20. (238) Will Venable (SD - OF)
      21. (243) Daniel Nava (Bos - 1B,OF)
      22. (262) Dustin Ackley (Sea - 2B,OF)
      23. (267) Anthony Rendón (Was - 2B,3B)

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      • Wow #$%$... everybody thinks your draft sucks... big surprise!!! What I'm wondering is why you didn't draft Cueto who you say is "the best pitcher in baseball or fantasy" and that's it's not even close. Where's your boy Cueto? Have fun in those Ohio Public Leagues.... homer chump!!!

      • The offense is extremely good. #$%$ strategy of going for 5-category hitters, every time one is available, is spot-on. Further, Venable in the 20th, Ackley in the 22nd and Rendon in the 23rd #$%$!!) are extremely high value picks.

        But pitching is part of the game. Waiting until round 11 to select a pitcher is going to hurt. Selecting two known, reliable horses to build your pitching - Lee or Scherzer in the 3rd, Fernandez or Zimmerman in the 5th, for example - is a better way to go.

        Hitting is more valuable than pitching. I get that. But Allen Craig does not have more value than Fernandez. Craig had 97 RBI's because he hit .454 with RISP.

        Seriously, does ANYBODY expect him to repeat that? If he hits .300 with RISP, he is a 3-category hitter and a not-very-good first baseman.

      • wow, can you say last place team

      • Jesus christ was that a bad draft.

      • Uhhh....I get the strategy of not taking SP until late. This, however, is insane. If you're going to waste a relatively early draft pick on Zobrist, Prado, Victorino (4th OF) and Gattis, why not just take a pitcher? Even a Closer is smarter here. If you're strategy going in was to get OF early, which is a pretty popular strategy for picks 1-3 considering what's usually left at the end of round 2 and beginning of round 3, I would have 100% taken Paul Goldschmidt instead of Cutch. Plenty of filler in the 5th round at OF to supplement your OF. Hell even a flier pick at Billy Hamilton there isn't a bad choice. Martin Prado as your 3B is a death sentence. You could probably have gotten Carpenter or Zimmerman in the 5th and Rizzo, Butler or even a later pick of Abreu at 1B. If you're going to suck at 1B, you might as well be stronger somewhere else. Just my opinion.

      • One closer? Pitching isn't the greatest even if you wait and Prado shouldn't be starting.


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