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  • JK JK Mar 5, 2014 6:35 AM Flag

    Snake vs Straight Draft for Returning Keeper League?

    Thanks in advance for any help. I commish a returning 12 team keeper league. We had a snake draft when the league launched and have planned to use an annual straight draft (reverse order of previous season's final standings) moving forward. Each team keeps 6 out of 23. There is no auction and keepers are not associated with draft picks. Over the years I've been in 3 long running keeper leagues comparable to this one and they've all gone to straight drafts after the first season.

    A manager has proposed we move our league back to a snake draft. Without getting into his more detailed reasons, I believe he feels the snake overcompensates as a handicap and/or that finishing in last place shouldn't necessary qualify a team for that handicap.

    Most of the league members who chimed in prefer we keep the straight draft but this manager says a poll at another forum resulted 90% in favor of snake, tho he says he didn't specify the number of keepers or the fact that it is a returning league.

    Ultimately I'll do whatever the majority of the league wants, But I've mostly taken it for granted that a returning keeper league with a medium-sized or bigger keeper stable should have a linear draft - and that this is basically the standard. Am I mistaken?

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    • this is why you should do auction draft s punishing a team because they lost isnt right people just wont come back

    • Had same problem- This is how we solved -
      14 team 6 make playoffs-
      The order we do for the next year off where you finished last year is- 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,6,5,4,3,2,1
      Teams that dont make playoffs cant tank and in fact need to improve to get the 7 seed to have number 1 pick next year- Usually theres like 3-5 guys at the top of the redraft that are really keeper worthy so playing hard all year really has its perks- Has worked very well for us

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      • If you're so concerned about tanking... whats to prevent a team in 6th place from tanking? He gets an 8 pick boost in every round for dropping just one slot in the standings. This seems much more tempting than the 12th or 13th place team tanking to get the #1 pick.

        Also, you didn't say how many keepers you carry.

    • I'm in a 16 team league that keeps 3 players and allows draft pick trades. We have a snake draft.
      I won last season and did not trade my top 2 pics. I traded mid round picks to get better. So I pick this year at 16 and 17. It seems unfair that I would have 2 picks before the bottom teams, but in reality i don't because they all traded for more pics. Some have multiple picks in each of the first 3 rounds.
      I think if the league is active with the top teams trading high picks during the season, then a snake works because the bad teams can accumulate more high end picks by trading. If there are no draft pick trades, then a straight draft makes sense as it helps keep it competitive. The bottom teams have a better chance to improve.

    • Does you league have draft pick trades?

    • For my clarification what do you mean by a straight draft? Is that where the same team picks first in each round? If so this is uncommond for the leagues I am in, and would think it gives too much of an advantage to the team that finished in last place the previous year.

      I am in a few different keeper leagues. The one that I run we keep 5 per year, use a randomized draft order, and the draft snakes from there(1st pick in rd1 has the last pick in rd2).

      In another league we keep 7 players per team, use the inverse of the standings from the previous year to determine draft order, and it snakes from there.

      Both setups work well. My personal opinion is the more players each team keeps the better it is to base the draft order on the inverse of last year's standings.

    • That seems like a big advantage to the bad teams. I think that snake draft makes the draft less of a penalty to the teams with a winning record. Why punish success and reward failure?

    • Sure would appreciate some more input here, if anyone would be so kind. Been making an effort to reply to others all day. Thanks.

    • I think that the reverse straight is the fairest way to do things, the caveat for me is that I don't play keeper leagues. I have done this format in a football league, but that only lasted for a couple years and now we do a live pingpong ball style draft order. If I were playing in a keeper leauge, I think the right way to do things is the reverse standing straight draft. It can be looked at as a handicap or penalty either way the draft goes. some times having the first pick is a burden/penalty because of the drop off of talent in the pool. Just my 2 pennies.

    • I sure would be happy to help out in return for some input.

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      • I have always done a straight draft for all of the leagues that I have commished. If you're really think about changing things up so that your league doesn't tank to get the last pick you could move to a lotto for the first 4 or 5 spots? You could put emphasis on the consolation rounds and give the winner of that the first pick and arrange the order accordingly? Just some thoughts...


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