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  • Chuck Chuck Feb 25, 2014 4:04 PM Flag

    Youth vs. Experience, pick six more please.

    So this is my first time getting involved with a dynasty league. Taking over a team for a guy who bailed.

    14 team, H2H, 6x6. C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, Util, Util 2 SP,2 RP, 5P, 7 BN, 2 DL, 2 NA.

    Batters scoring categories standard Plus OFA. Pitchers scoring categories standard but swap W's out for QS and add in HR allowed for 6th category.

    I get to keep 7. You lose a pick in draft corresponding to players previous draft position. You can keep guys forever.

    My big hangup is what balance of youth vs. experience to hold onto.

    Right Now I'm Keeping; Jose Fernandez (26th) without a doubt.

    Need 6 from the following: [I can keep multiple players w/ the same penalty]

    Strasburg, Pedroia, Ellsbury (1st)
    Chris Sale (2nd)
    Gio Gonzales (3rd)
    Freeman (4th)
    Middlebrooks (5th)
    Billy Hamilton (7th)
    Profar (7th)
    Wil Myers (8th)
    Brian McCann (10th)
    Jameson Taillon (13th)
    Shelby Miller (14th)
    Morneau (15th)
    Dan Staily (16th)
    Bogaerts (17th)
    Walker (SEA; 19th)
    Matt Adams, Christian Yelich (26th)

    Right now I'm leaning towards: Adams(25th), Pedoroia(2nd), Miller(14th), Strasburg (1st), Sale (3rd), Myers (8th)/Freeman (4th)

    Or do I say FTW and take Ellsbury, Strasburg, Pedroia, Sale, Gonzales, Freeman/Adams?

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    • Bogaerts,Walker,Profar,Freeman,Myers,Taillon,Sale i would keep.

    • Freeman, Bogaerts, Strasburg, Sale, Myers, Fernandez, Pedroia could make a case to switch Myers with Profar cause of the position

    • Hate to do it but I like the YOUNG GUYS!! hahaha. Alot of pedigree and haven proven themselves (granted in somewhat short stints). Freeman, Myers, Bogaerts, Miller, Profar, Walker, and Sale (instead of Matt adams who I was leaning towards just for value but he is still a ? to me). Just in case they fail.. you will have some shots to get sturdy vets in beginning of draft as there will def be a few other managers just keeping youth. If all those guys even reach 85% of potential then you have one of the most solid infields I could imagine for a 14t league. They are all great trade chips too if you wanted to stir things up (some guy mentioned hanram for my bogarts and a small upgrade in pitching in one of my leagues). OFs and SP will always pop up and the guys you are leaving will hopefully be around for your pick anyways..


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