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  • luv2scissor luv2scissor Feb 20, 2014 8:04 PM Flag

    Prepping for real draft. How did I do in this mock draft

    Head to Head, 12 team league 5x5

    1. Chris Davis (Bal - 1B)
    2. Edwin Encarnación (Tor - 1B,3B)
    3. Félix Hernández (Sea - SP)
    4. Jay Bruce (Cin - OF)
    5. Chris Sale (CWS - SP)
    6. Anibal Sánchez (Det - SP)
    7. Alex Gordon (KC - OF)
    8. José Altuve (Hou - 2B)
    9. Everth Cabrera (SD - SS)
    10. Shelby Miller (StL - SP)
    11. Casey Janssen (Tor - RP)
    12. Jim Johnson (Oak - RP)
    13. Jim Henderson (Mil - RP)
    14. Steve Cishek (Mia - RP)
    15. Brandon Moss (Oak - 1B,OF)
    16. Ryan Howard (Phi - 1B)
    17. A.J. Burnett (Phi - SP)
    18. Corey Kluber (Cle - SP)
    19. Jason Castro (Hou - C)
    20. Marco Estrada (Mil - SP)
    21. Will Venable (SD - OF)
    22. Josh Johnson (SD - SP)
    23. Adam Dunn (CWS - 1B)

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    • Overall, this team would be good enough to win assuming you made the right moves. I'm going to be really critical in case it helps.

      After taking power guys early, drafting Altuve and Everth was not the best idea. They are not going to be enough to win SB (nor are the couple other guys in your lineup) so you're better off just dumping that and going all power. Note: the all power strategy is not my favorite, but it is far better than trying to draft 2 SB guys who have very poor contribution in HR/RBI. Honestly, Altuve and Everth aren't even that great in runs. I also would have taken another risk or two on young SP later in the draft as opposed to going after Anibal and Sale early. I like the Estrada and Venable picks. In general, I am not fond of Davis, but taking Edwin and Bruce after him set you up nicely for a power advantage. You also had a few decent power picks late, but again, you gotta get more power at 2B/SS if you are drafting power heavy early and avoiding the 5 category stars.

      Hope this helps.

    • i loved everything you did until the 6th round... then it turned to #$%$ imo

    • I like the team, the 2 issues if this were a real tem is your avg from week to week will be low. You have a lot of 240-260 hitters. Also lack of multi position/backups. You do need to get hitters in every day.

    • I like your team...good power, good speed, good SP, good RP. Almost certainly a Top 4 team in a 12T H2H league. Moss is a shaky 3rd OF option. Howard is big question and he may be finished or not. Venable may be a platoon player...I would keep an eye open for Eric Young in the 21st Round...he's a definite starter and a guy who will score 70R and steal 45 bases and he's batting leadoff in front of Dan Murphy, David Wright and Granderson. IF Josh Johnson is healthy he could be very solid. I never carry more than 1 BN player in 12T H2H.

    • I really like your team The hitters will do well and your pitching is stout. whenever I draft a H2H i only have 1 bench player. i load up on sp & have 3 closers

    • My persona preference is to draft SP's a bit later because theyre pretty deep this year. Decent team but you lack depth. You have no backup 2B, SS, and 3B. your 3rd and 4th OF are pretty week IMO. Moss is very streaky but is almost always cold. then he has a month or 2 out of the season where he packs in HR's and blows up that number a bit. Id say to do some research on the lower tier batters so you know who to take in the later positions to back up our team. For your bench, you seem to have stuck to name brand players who did well in past years.


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