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  • Matthew Matthew Feb 20, 2014 7:31 AM Flag

    Rate my mock draft

    I've been doing a bunch of mock drafts, and this is about what I get most of the time. What do I need to change? How would you rate it on a scale of 1-10? This is a 12 team mock.
    1. Adrián Béltre (Tex - 3B)
    2. Edwin Encarnación (Tor - 1B,3B)
    3. Cliff Lee (Phi - SP)
    4. Ian Desmond (Was - SS)
    5. Joe Mauer (Min - C,1B)
    6. Hunter Pence (SF - OF)
    7. Alex Cobb (TB - SP)
    8. Mike Minor (Atl - SP)
    9. Jayson Werth (Was - OF)
    10. Alfonso Soriano (NYY - OF)
    11. Aaron Hill (Ari - 2B)
    12. Kyle Seager (Sea - 3B)
    13. Andrew Cashner (SD - SP,RP)
    14. Jim Henderson (Mil - RP)
    15. Chris Archer (TB - SP)
    16. Justin Masterson (Cle - SP)
    17. C.J. Wilson (LAA - SP)
    18. Kole Calhoun (LAA - OF)
    19. Kendrys Morales (Sea - 1B)
    20. Scott Kazmir (Oak - SP)
    21. Brian Dozier (Min - 2B)
    22. Marco Estrada (Mil - SP)
    23. Joakim Soria (Tex - RP)

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    • looks solid but definitely not perfect. taking 2 3B eligible players a the end of round 1 and beginning of round two does not make a lot of sense to me, though i like both players. i also cant say i would want to draft a pitcher and a catcher in 3 and 5 if im going to wait on outfield and 2B that long. im really not a hill fan and even though pence, werth, and soriano all had surprisingly great seasons last year i think they have limited upside and together are underwhelming. not a fan of avoiding closers in a 12 team. also overall, steals and runs should be pretty low. you got some good players but balance overall could be stronger

    • 1) Quit taking pitchers way too early. Do not take a pitcher until all 5 category and 4 category bats have been taken
      2) Beltre is great...but he is not a 1st round pick. He gives you 4 categories at most. If he had Cabrera's position eligibility then MAYBE you could justify him as a 1st round pick but without SBs...he ain't a 1st round pick.
      3) Kendrys Morales should not be drafted. Aaron Hill should not be drafted.
      4) You should backup every position...where is your backup SS?
      5) If you already have Encarnacion and Beltre...why do you have Seager? Once you are two deep at a position you should start adding multi-position bats or category specialists or improve pitching depth. Kyle Seager adds nothing to your team if you already have Encarnacion and Beltre. The same can be said for Morales if you already have Beltre and Mauer. You should drop Morales and add a second catcher. You should drop Seager and add a second SS.

    • Anyone?


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