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    Choose 5 keepers

    Sorry this is so long, but this is a hard decision for me. I'm in a 10-team H2H league with franchise rights for managers. Every manager is a real MLB franchise and you can't acquire FAs from other managers franchises. Meaning, I am Boston and I can release Boston guys to the waiver wire and they can't be touched be other fantasy managers. The only way to get players from other franchises is through trading (real or fantasy). Hope that all makes sense.

    So my first 5 keepers are Ellsbury (since Ive lost franchise control over him and he would go back to the Yankees manager), J. Upton & Heyward (since they would default back to the Braves manager's control) and Price & Shelby Miller. Aside from these 5 I have everyone on the Red Sox except Victorino, Lester and Bucholz.

    Who should my other 5 keepers be from this list?
    Matt Adams
    Nolan Arenado
    Brandon Belt
    Starlin Castro
    Adam Eaton
    Billy Hamilton
    Starling Marte
    Joe Mauer
    Martín Prado
    George Springer
    Oscar Taveras

    Hisashi Iwakuma
    Kenley Jansen
    Tim Lincecum
    Trevor Rosenthal

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    • marte mauer hamilton jansen and adams for me

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      • Not Adams he has serious split problems. And Taveras may push Craig back to 1st base. I don't think he will get enough at bats to get the value you need. Marte could deliver a decent value you this next year, but long term his contact rates are only so-so. His BA last year was supported by a very high BABIP one he can sustain in the short term because he can leg so many infield hits out. Once he slows down he has to develop some power to retain his value. I don't he's going to develop that power. Iwakuma is a good pitcher and he may get a few more wins with a little more offense around him, but the other numbers should regress a bit. He can contribute to your team. But with the two closers you can afford start your Bo Sox guys and draft in other areas, thanks to their low ratios and high K rates.

    • Marte, Mauer, Hamilton (trade value is really high), Iwakuma, Adams. Springer, Jansen, and Rosenthal are the other players I would consider.

    • Man I replied to this thoroughly but it didn't post apparently. Frustrating. Having the Red Sox to start with is a bonus, and what has been taken from your tram isn't that bad at all. The Red Sox lack a couple things in the fantasy game. The first is a fantasy ace but you've remedied that by adding David Price, who had a great second half. Shelby Miller's shoulder woes worry me a little too much, but if you believe he can continue with the success he had in the first half of last year than you have to pitchers to lean on. He's a two pitch guy so be sure to sell if you notice a Velo drop in the future. The Sox have some good arms on the farm that should be helping you out in the next couple years.The second is a plus offensive catcher you have the ability to remedy that with Mauer. He'll lose his catcher eligibility next year but he fits the bill for you to win this year. And hopefully Swihart will be up AJ will only be needed for one year. Adding Billy Hamilton can win you steals almost by himself if all goes right, but if he should falter you have Ellsbury to fall back on. Pair those two and you can win steals running away, no pun intended. I know it is always great to chase saves but the K potential you have sitting here with Jansen and Rosenthal is too good to overlook, and the will help lower the ratios for your entire staff. Koji had a great year but he's no spring chicken and his Ks are low for a closer. You have the potential to win steals, saves, and probably Ks easily. Get a good jump on these categories and then use them for trade value or just look them up. And Rosenthal has the arm to be a starter and could work his way back to the rotation, ala Adam Wainwright. The last pick is the toughest Castro has to be better than he was last year. And can you afford to wait for Soringer or Taveras or both. Springer's speed power potential is exciting and Taveras could be the best bat on the Cards today. Taveras is my last pick he has the contact skills to let all

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      • Weird, I was leaning towards Mauer/Hamilton/Jansen/Rosenthal/Tavares already. I'd rather gamble on Xander than keep Castro around. I'm toying with the idea of letting Mauer go and just using AJP or whoever I can get in our draft. Then I can keep Prado or Adams.

      • his tools play. That really crowds your outfield. I would look into a trade for one of your other outfielders. Probably J-Up. Help at 3rd base or another arm would be nice. If you have the utility space play them all. Billy might have some good value if he can start running to begin the season.


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