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  • Rick Rick Feb 10, 2014 8:28 AM Flag

    Your thoughts on Braun,Pineda,Ibanez and Juan Fracisco

    I am wondering whether I should keep these players in a 20 team dynasty league and I would like to hear your thoughts on how these players are gonna do this year.

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    • In a 20 team dynasty you must hold onto braun. Regardless of dollar value. He will bounce back and put up top 5 numbers. If you want to trade him do it at his peak. as for the other 3. Francisco could be the next Davis or E5. Ibanez is droppable, And Pineda is worthy of a flier. Keeping him and dropping him if need be will not hurt to much in the long run.

    • Braun yes, Ibanez I might keep unless there were better/younger options. I imagine he won't DH everyday so his management could be cumbersome. Pineda I'd probably hold onto...for now. Francisco the same. Not hot on either of those three, but 20 teams is a deep league so there might not be better options.

    • Why wouldn't you keep Braun? You cant trade him right now, you would only get bottom dollar, you have to keep him and hope he returns to form. No brainer there. I personally think he bounces back just fine. Probably has a great year, with all that time off to get healthy.

      Pineda will be on a short leash this year. But he is a great talent. worth keeping a see what happens. I personally see a 160 innings 3.40+ ERA, with about 160+Ks.

      Ibanez... a 41 year old 4th OF, he says he loves playing at the Angels stadium. I do think the Angels bounce back. I think he is a 350ish hitter there too. If you are trying to win this year, you keep him. If you are in rebuild mode, let him go.

      Franciso, I for one am very interested in seeing what happens with him. I think he is a 260ish 35 HR guy. and at 3B, that's great numbers. but if they move him to 1B, not so great. Must keep in a dynasty IMO.

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      • Thanks.
        Braun would be a no brainer in normal dynasty leagues,but since I drafted him for 81$(400$ budget), he is very expensive to keep and I dont know if he will be worth it.
        I will probably cut Ibanez and keep Fransico and Pineda,but Braun...I just dont know.

        Here are my keepers as of now
        S Perez D $23
        D Ruf FA $2
        E Cabrera T $5
        J Peralta FA $2
        C Gonzalez D $59
        B Harper D $64
        D Fister D $16
        C Bucholz D $ 5
        R Zimmerman T $33
        M Bumgarner T $39
        A Simmons D $8
        S Gennett FA $2
        Brad Miller FA $2
        M Byrd W $4
        L Martin FA $2
        J Peavy D $19
        I Nova FA $2
        J Chacin FA $2
        W Rodriguez D $4
        K Zimmer FA $2
        M Pineda D $2
        Total 297$ for 21 players(out of 27)


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