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  • Sam Sam Feb 5, 2014 10:37 PM Flag

    Auction Draft Strategy

    Was wondering what people used as their go to strategy when doing an auction draft

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    • What I do is write out every position on a sheet of paper and put a minimum of what I'm willing to spend on them to be competitive (i.e. 1B - $20, MI - $2, OF3 - $7, SP1 - $15, etc), make sure that all of my bench spots have $1 on them, and my utility spots have no more than $5.

      With the left over budget (and that should be sizable), I create bonuses ($15, 10, 10, 10, 7, 7, 5, 5, 5, etc) which gives me the wiggle room I need to get the players I want. Then, when I win a bid I scratch off what bonus I used. This way I can see exactly how much room I really have to bid, and it stops me from over/under spending.

      If you're down to $7 positions and you have 3 $10 bonuses remaining, and there's only a few $17 players remaining, I know its time to get aggressive.

      Also, its important to have a handful of $1 players on your team. These are the guys that you will likely drop when a hot player is on waivers - so its better to spend that extra $5 on a player you want, than have 5 $2 players.

      p.s. in H2H, punt NOTHING! Most people will punt steals, but you can always get one or two SB guys on your bench to swap out with balanced players towards the end of the week if you really need to win that stat and have a comfortable lead in other categories.

    • Nominate the players you don't want first and let the other players spend their money on them, putting you in a better position when the players you do want come up.

    • if its H2H i like to punt a stat and get the right guys for it. if its roto i like to get a balanced team without very many reaches


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