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  • Trout for Harper and Strasburg in a 20 team keeper league.

    Which side would you want?

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    • in a 20 team dynasty league the Harper/Strasburg side wins.

      That being said if I have Trout I'm trying to get a bidding war starting and giving all 19 other teams a a chance to beat the offer.

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      • Bingo. I too follow the "side with the best player wins" rule, but in a league that is so large, getting two future stars is good return for Trout. That being said, I'm doing everything I can to get other owners involved to try and top that offer because what you failed to state in your post were the answers to the following 2 questions:

        1) How many keepers per team?
        2) Are there limits on how long you can keep any one player?
        3) What is the "cost" to keep a player? Do you give up a certain amount of auction dollars? Do you give up a particular draft pick to keep someone? Is it an "ascending" system, or do you keep your _____ keepers within the first _____ rounds of the draft?
        4) Who are the rest of your keepers?
        5) Who will the side getting Harper/Stras have to drop from his list of keepers in order to have room to keep both?

        These are important questions to answer to get a fully informed answer. We can assume that the Harper/Stras side could keep both, but we don't know if there are any unique settings that denigrate the value of that side.

    • Keep in mind Harper and Strasburg can't stay healthy. Trout Commands a lot more than those Two...

    • Harper/Strasburg side.

    • The key point is that you are in a 20-team league. I compete in a 10-team, NL only league, with 5 OF spots, a Util spot, CI and MI. Just getting players who actually play is a battle.

      Due to that, and that alone, I think the Harper/Strasburg side wins. Two elite players obtained in a trade in a 20-team league is worth it. I understand that the Harper/Strasburg side does NOT get the best player in the deal, and that violates my own "whoever gets the best player wins the trade" rule, but for those who have not competed in 20-team leagues, or dynasty leagues, or NL-only leagues, you don't understand the war just to find guys who freaking play, let alone elite players.


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