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  • Durf Durf Feb 5, 2014 3:56 PM Flag

    Help with keeper selection...

    I can keep five players 1-year earlier than drafted the year before, 12th round being the latest a player can be kept in the draft. I have Trout in 11th round, and Goldy in 10th (they were 12th and 11th round keepers from the previous year). My league does OBP instead of AVG.

    I have the other 3 spots narrowed down to what appears to be the best bargains:
    Gio Gonzalez (7th round)
    Billy Hamilton (12th round or earlier eligible)
    Glen Perkins (12th round or earlier eligible)
    Everth Cabrera (12th round or earlier eligible)
    Jurickson Profar (12th round or earlier eligible)

    Currently, I'm thinking of Profar in the 12th hoping he'll advance greatly over the next year or two, Hamilton in the 9th round for his potential stolen bases, and Gonzalez in the 7th round hoping for a better year than last year.

    Kimbrel will probably be the only closer kept in the league, which makes me not want to keep one. Everth has good SB and OBP potential, but leary of a down year.

    Thanks for the advice!

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    • 1) How many teams are in your league?
      2) What's the rest of your team look like? Maybe you're down on someone others are higher on, thereby making them a better option than what you've listed so far.
      3) Do you HAVE TO use all 5 keepers, or can you exchange them for an open draft pick in that particular round?

      Without knowing answers to these questions, I find it difficult to give an informed response. The best I feel I can do is tell you who the best values are on-paper, nothing more, nothing less. To me, I think the 3 best remaining values are:


      I reserve the right to revise my answer based on the provision of additional information not available at the time of this response.

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      • 12 teams, I do not have to keep all 5, I'd get a normal draft pick. But remember, most of the good young talent is being kept in the later rounds. I should have also mentioned we are switching to QS instead of Wins.

        Here is the rest of the team and what round they could be kept (Kemp was my first round last year so I can't and wouldn't want to keep him):
        Longoria - 1st Round
        Heyward - 3rd Round
        C. Santana - 3rd Round
        Lawrie - 9th Round
        S. Perez - 12th Round
        Moss - 12th Round
        Venable - 12th Round

        Cain - 4th Round
        R. Soriano - 6th Round
        Garza - 12th Round
        Archer - 12th Round
        Estrada - 12th Round

        Thanks for your help!

    • I'd want your 1st and 2nd round picks over most of those guys.

    • not sure i would want hamilton, everth, and profar on my team but if you think you could trade after the draft i think those are your best options

    • Everth, Profar, Hamilton if H2H
      Everth, Hamilton, Gio if roto
      The reason I would keep Hamilton is NOT because I think he is the better keeper option, but because his trade value is much higher than any of the others. Keep him and then flip him before the season starts.

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      • Thanks Matthew, the league is indeed H2H.

        Would you do Everth 12th round, Profar 9th round and Hamilton 8th round then? If traded, the new owner would follow the same draft slot eligibility in 2015. So keeping Hamilton 8th if I plan on trading him would be ideal for me, but worth less in a trade.

        The thought of trading any of these guys (Everth, Profar and Hamilton) right away didn't cross my mind as I think most owners in my league would want to see how they are performing before risking anything of value. Hopefully all three will get off to big starts (or at least look really good in Spring Training).


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