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  • Chustri Chustri Feb 3, 2014 8:57 PM Flag

    Some advice needed

    Just wondering If I'm currently holding two major sleepers or what? everyone in my league is asking for Gyorko and Calhoun... are these two the real deal this year if so should I keep them or who should I go after to improve my roster?

    Dynasty League: league size can't remember if it's 14 or 16
    C- W. Ramos, Wieters
    1B- Freeman, Hosmer
    2B- Gyorko, Rendon
    SS- Jose Iglesias
    3B- Sandoval
    OF- Granderson, Calhoun, Pence, Myers, Taveras, Jackson, Springer

    SP- Teheran, Miller, Archer, Griffin, Smyly, Eovaldi, Ventura, Peralta, Miley, Cosart, Norris(drop when season start)
    RP- Paco, Smith, Storen, Martinez

    Notable players from each team that are asking for these two:
    team 1: Votto, Trumbo, Kinsler, Choo, Davidson, Wood, Jennings, Hultzen, Greinke, Rosenthal, Ryu, HollandKC
    team 2: Fielder, Desmond, Simmons, Bogaerts, Lindor, Bundy, Reed, Romo

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    • Gyorko and Calhoun are decent sleepers. But long term Rendon is better than Gyorko, and all of Myers/Tavares/Springer are better than Calhoun so it wouldn't hurt you long term if you can get a good offer for either.

      Your biggest holes are SS and SP, so that's what you want to target. Bogaerts would be your top target, but he might not be available. Hutlzen is a guy you can probably get for pennies on the dollar, but has a big upside. Granderson is a guy I'd try to move now as well before playing at CitiField kills a lot of his value.

      Also do not trade for closers, they are too volatile and you aren't winning this year with this team anyway. Keep an eye on the waiver wire and you can find a closer or two each year, even in a league this big.

    • Not sure I would trade Gyorko /unless I'm fixing an existing hole. SS, 3B, 1 OF and SP show some weakness IMO. Headley may depart soon and that would probably move Gyorko to 3rd. So look at the big picture. I'd also target Granderson to move in a Gyrko deal. I don't like him much and moving to NYM he should see some power drop I'd target Grandy, Gyrko, Inglesias for Desmond, Boegarts, and another piece. You didn't include many from Team 2 to make a legit offer.While some will say that wouldn't fly... always start high and work your way back. Poop sometimes does stick if thrown enough You should post full rosters of yours and the other 2 teams to find a commone ground acceptable for both.....

    • Id offer Gyorko for Bogaerts and Kalhoun for Holland or Rosenthal. Id try to get Bundy, he had TJ so his value you decreased, I think he is still the real deal.

    • Feel free to move Gyorko this season. Rendon is the better ball player and will develop faster. This is probably the last season where Gyorko will out perform Rendon.

      The Jackson in your OF...if that is Austin Jackson you can rid yourself of that #$%$ too.

      I would try to package Gyorko and Jackson for Desmond (short term) or Bogaerts (long term).

    • you have myers and taveras so why not move calhoun if you can. keeping gyorko seems more valuable for you than trading him unless you can get a ton in return. i think pitching and ss are your weakpoints

    • can't remember the size of your league lol. Anway, not sure if Calhoun should really be that coveted, even in deeper 14 or 16 team leagues. I think Socia was sitting him vs LHP, also I would assume the project of will go Shuck- Trout- Hamilton so not sure where the PT will be at. Gyrko on the other hand has hit in every level of the minors, also with power. 23 HR from a rookie second baseman is excellent and although his AVG and k:BB may look a little Dan Ugglish, he is still young and has tons of room for improvement. He had an excellent rookie campaign though. His splits show he hit better on the road vs home, .237 vs .260, but hey thats PetCo park right? Wait a minute, he hit 13 of his 23 HR at PetCo!! Kid is a masher. Sorry, Why not try and trade Rendon? He's like a younger, more frail Ryan Zimmerman. Not a fan of carrying two catchers and in a deeper league someone like Ramos could fetch something in return. You are in desperate need of a SS, thats where I would start my search for a trade partner.

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      • team 1 doesn't own a C... so that might be it but on the other hand Wieters ended up pretty bad so I ended adding him to my BN
        thanks for the advice and yeah I have some sort of issue remembering the exact size, Rendon is actually for depth at 2B and 3B since Sandoval is always a concern with inj


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