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  • Pat Pat Feb 2, 2014 12:50 PM Flag

    keep 8 - but which ones?

    carols santana
    brandon phillips
    r zimmerman
    craig allen
    justin upton
    a soriano
    jose fernandez

    keeper league but keepers vary year to year 5-8... this year 8.
    also can trade,so any thoughts on that also appreciated

    let me know your thoughts... thanks!

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    • Santana, Goldy, Tulo, Segura, Zimmerman, Craig, Strasburg, Fernandez.
      You should be able to package Upton and Santana for Posey

    • League settings matter in this case. Without knowing some of those settings, like number of teams, limits on how long a player can be kept, cost to keep a particular player, whether it's a mandatory 8 players that must be kept, scoring settings, etc., a fully informed answer is impossible. The best anyone can do is answer this question based solely by how these guys look on paper.

      That being said, on paper, the best 8 IMO are Goldschmidt/Tulo/Upton/Strasburg/Fernandez/Greinke/Zimmerman/Santana. But I reserve the right to revise my answer based on previously undisclosed information that may later be posted.

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      • points taken. traditional 5x5 (R,HR,RBI,SB & AVG...W,SV,K,WHIP,ERA) 12 teams, no requirement to keep 8. Number of keepers kept varies from year to year and announced after draft but before season starts. Could be 5-8; 8 this year. Do not have to keep 8 but somewhat penalized if you don't. For instance, if I kept 6, the first round would go. After the first round I, and others who kept less than 8, pick ONE additional in draft order before the second round. After the second round I would get another to bring my roster even. other variables include total innings pitched 1250. batting positions - C,1B,2B,3B,SS,OF,OF,OF,U 162 games for each.

        I appreciate your thoroughness, any adjustments?

    • I would go Gold, Tulo, Upton, Zimmer, Segura, Stras, Fernandez, Greinke, and then try to trade Tulo and a SP for some outfielders


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