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  • Carl Carl Feb 1, 2014 4:11 PM Flag

    please explain to me why anyone has over 1 bn hitter?

    Maybe my league dictates that a little since all but 1 or 2 teams go 10 hitters. But in other leagues ive seen teams have 13 14 hitters. Explain to me what benefits this possible gives you. They are taking up valuable sp spots which = more ks and ws. Its always puzzeled me

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    • Because you haven't built your team well and you don't know how to play fantasy and you think hoarding bats is more useful than having quality pitching every week.

      I almost never have bench hitters. It hasn't made my team any worse. Check my post? Thanks.

    • The only reason to have just 10 hitters is if your hitting is LOADED AND YOU PLAY ROTO.

      If you do not have 13 hitters in H2H then you are an idiot.

      Starting pitchers only compete once every five days. Additionally, they only contribute in 4 categories AT MOST. Even then...only 2 of those 4 categories are predictable on a weekly basis (W and K). However, the pitcher has very little control in Ws so loading up on SPs really only "guarantees" that you win K on a weekly basis. ERA and WHIP are clearly not predictable on a weekly basis.

      That being said...loading up on SP in H2H is foolish.

      On the other hand...hitters contribute every day (5-7 times a week). There is no way that accumulating "counting" stats can hurt you. Thus, nearly any hitter can contribute in R, RBI, SB, and HR. A hitter can only hurt you in BA and even then a lousy hitter can still get hot for a week. Thus, hitting stats are a lot more predictable...injuries are not. As such, a prudent manager will have 3 bench bats that are eligible at multiple positions that provide above average performance if inserted into a fantasy lineup (Zobrist, Prado, Johnson...etc). That way if one of your starters gets injured, or a starter's team has the day off, or has a game postponed due to weather you can ALWAYS HAVE A HITTER IN THE LINEUP TO ACCUMULATE COUNTING STATS.


      Again...having just 10 bats is only prudent if you play roto AND YOUR HITTING IS LOADED. Otherwise...you need bench bats.

    • if you are in a league like most that i play in they set the league up against streaming...now other reasons to do it would be to have players that are versatile...cover for injuries...or high upside power or speed guys...young players with a lot of upside. to name a few. In most of my leagues I take a young guy, a guy that might blow up in power, a steady versatile player, then pitchers with the rest.

    • I try to make it where my 2 UTIL spots and my bench cover every position with a solid player that probably wouldn't stay on the waiver wire long, except maybe catcher, whether that's 11 or 14 players. If your shortstop gets hurt most the year and you have to pick through the FA list, it sucks.

    • I like to draft 3 or 4 bench bats because you will always need to put your back ups in due to injury, rain outs, days off, no scheduled games for certain hitters on Thursday, etc..Those valuable spots for SP's you're talking about are taking away extra HR's, RBI, H's, or whatever your offensive Cats are and I draft pitching well enough to know i'll always have enough K's or W's and if somebody is streaming against me then I always keep 1 or 2 spots on my staff just for that if I have to.

    • In H2H I like to have at a couple versatile players on the bench (multi-position guys) who can fill in when a starter has the day off (no game, injury, day of rest, etc.) or a few guys that have only one position eligibility to do the same thing. I don't like to have more than 3 guys on the bench, but in a H2H league when a guy has a day off and you're not replacing him with someone from the bench you are giving up the potential to earn points that you don't have time to earn back... if I can't replace my SS, for example, I automatically take a 0 in every category for the SS position that day and that's 1 out of 7 days for the match-up. In H2H leagues you can lose certain categories by a point or two so it can become a big deal.

      In Rotisserie leagues, since there are often maximums placed on IP, you might as well have 2 or 3 bench players so that you assure your position players DO reach their maximum (162 games) since it's rare that players play in every game of the season. Again, a category can be lost by only a few points so if you don't have a backup at 2B and your guy only plays 154 of 162 games you've essentially given up the potential to earn runs in 8 games.

    • We have innings limits b/c we feel that having 10 pitchers and/or streaming shows nothing of a person's ability in fantasy baseball. So basically you are limited in carrying only a reasonable amount of pitchers.

    • Another reason is to keep a balanced roster so you have maximum roster flexibility. The problem I've seen in H2H leagues, where teams implement a roster with 1 hitter in the bench spot, is they can't adjust to daily match ups. Poor daily hitting matchups can end up ruining your hitting stats for the week. When that happens those teams become very dependant on pitching to carrying their weekly matchups. With additional roster flexibility you can limit the risk of performing poorly in hitting categories and increase the likelyhood of performing well across all statistical categories.

    • I usually draft more than one bench hitter because I take a flyer on a guy who could turn a big profit later in the draft to go along with who I really want. BJ Upton this year would be an example, I'll draft like normal with an extra bench guy but then take him as well and maybe get lucky, if I do then I can trade somebody for a strong SP later on, if not I can just drop him and pick up a SP on the ww which wouldn't be much worse than any SP you'll get that late in the draft anyway. By the end of the year I'm always back down to just 1 or 0 bench hitters.

    • Here are a couple situations in which it could be a good strategy:
      Roto league with low IP max or if you already hit the IP max
      H2H league if you have multiple closers and several SPs with low ERAs if you decide to punt Ws and Ks and go for ERA, WHIP, saves
      Or if you just stream SPs.


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