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  • lauri_58801 lauri_58801 Jan 31, 2014 11:41 PM Flag

    mccutchen pre rank

    mccutchen is pre ranked at 4 in yahoo. anybody else think this is a couple spots high. I think I would rather have cargo, adam jones, or braun instead. how high do you have mccutchen? roto league

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    • McCutchen's K rate declined from 19.6% in 2012 to 15.0% last year. His BB rate has never been below 10%. Those stats matter a lot, since they indicate McCutchen (1) puts the ball in play and thereby gets hits and (2) gets on base. Getting on base means more R, SB's. Oh, and McCutchen plays 155 games per year.

      CarGo has played more than 135 games once - ONCE. He also has never had a BB rate above 10%, and last year his K rate was 27.4%. He steals less bases than McCutchen, scores fewer runs, has a lower BA, plays in fewer games.

      Finally, when debating between two players who seem to offer similar production, my rule is always, "Select the better baseball [not fantasy] player." No sentient being doubts that McCutchen is a better baseball player than Carlos Gonzalez. He is faster, has a lightning-quick swing, is healthier, and is a better player. My "better player" rule is based on the fact that if one of the two simply explodes and gets the most out of his talent, you want to have the better player.

    • As overall talent i would say them three (Braun, Jones, Cargo) are better. But with braun's PED Scandal knocks him back. Cargo is a bit of a injury concern. And Jones hasnt really proved he's worth a top 5 pick IMO. Cutch has proved for a couple of years now hes consistant.

    • so you are drafting a guy who will not get you 100 runs or 100 rbi's and around 20-25 hr at #4 overall? I understand cargo will probably not reach those numbers either because of injury but when cargo is injured you will still get replacement stats from whoever you get from the wire. cargo's per game averages seem to be much better than cutchs. (although I haven't actually looked). even jones outproduced cutch last year, 100 runs and rbi with around 10 more hr. average and sb not as good but you can find speed elsewhere. braun I understand because of the uncertainty.

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      • i mean i dont expect cutch to put up his 2012 numbers but im not sure why you think hes gonna put up last years numbers exactly. i think he has 100 run or rbi potential and certainly 30 homerun potential. then throw in his consistently great average (april is the only month in the last two seasons that he didnt hit .300). I think we are looking at a stud outfielder who should be in MVP discussions around the league all year

    • I have owned all four in the past two seasons and McCutchen is appropriately ranked.

      Gonzalez offers better per game performance but he is not dependable. In H2H you need production every week and Gonzalez (much like his Colorado teammate) is universally guaranteed to miss 30 or more games a season.

      Jones, Gonzalez, and Braun are allsolid but McCutchen is much more consistent. Both Jones, Gonzalez, and Braun strikeout a lot more than McCutchen. You will be watching a game on television or gamecast expecting a big contribution from one of those three only to see them K in big situations.

      McCutchen is also more efficient on the bases.

      Of those four I would rank them McCutchen, Jones, Gonzalez, and Braun. Braun has too many question marks this season (I had him on my excluded players list last season...and will do the same this season). Gonzalez is always an injury/durability concern. Both McCutchen and Jones are fixtures in the middle of their lineups and each plays 155+ games a season.

    • I'd absolutely rather have CarGo than Cutch IF CarGo could stay healthy. If CarGo could match his 2010 season of 145 games played, I'm confident that he'd put up stats that not only would put him ahead of Cutch, but could arguably even put him ahead of Goldy. I have serious doubts about Braun, but we at least know the potential is there for Braun to be the #1 player. It's just a matter of whether he's capable of doing it without PEDs.

      Jones is a tough call to me. He might have a more potent lineup around him, which might help his runs/RBI, and he also plays in a much more favorable home park. If your league factors in OBP in any way, however, I think that solidifies Cutch ahead of Jones, because the difference in OBP between the two is massive in favor of Cutch.

    • I would have him 5th after CarGo in a roto league.

    • i think his reliability and consistency over the last couple seasons puts him in my top 5

    • maybe jones but braun is coming off of a huge PED scandal and Cargo is always injured when you need him, especially in h2h format.


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