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  • Bobby Bobby Jan 30, 2014 4:48 PM Flag

    Whats Your Strategy This Year?

    I'm going offense heavy again this year, no pitching until pick 100+, pick a few of the last closers on the board.. doing a lot of homework on pitchers and sleepers.

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    • Echo the 3rd generation fake Dennis- Without specifiying what game your playing (chess or checkers) you are are not going to get any sound advice

    • Draft players I trust at picks where I don't feel they are a reach. Be flexible and adjust my draft style to how the draft is going. Know when a position is getting scarce and we're running short on players I trust, and reach slightly if needed if not having a player I trust at a position is a serious risk.

    • It depends entirely on league size/settings/etc. For example, I play in 3 leagues:

      League 1)--14-team H2H Each Category Keeper League. OBP and QS are used in place of AVG and Ws. There are only 3 OF slots instead of 5. No CI or MI slots. SP and RP slots instead of generic P slots.

      League 2)--14-team Roto. Standard roster size and standard scoring settings with the exception that Saves is replaced by a weighted Saves+Holds where Saves are worth twice as much as Holds.

      League 3)--10-team H2H Points with standard roster size and scoring settings.

      League 1 is my primary league (aka the only one I play in for money), so my basic strategy will be tailored specifically to that league, but that doesn't mean that strategy would work in either of my other two leagues. Generally, I believe that starting pitching is easily the deepest position (comparable to QB in fantasy football), so I foresee myself waiting on pitching, especially in H2H leagues.

      3B looks extremely top-heavy this year. If I can't get Miggy, Beltre, Wright, or Longoria, I'm waiting as long as possible on the position. 2B and SS appear to be very top-heavy again, though I like SS a little bit more in terms of depth than I do 2B. I won't own any of the "top" Cs. I'd rather wait and go in the Rosario/McCann/Sal Perez area (at the highest). 1B and OF appear to be the deepest offensive positions.

      So yes, you can make some generalizations that may apply universally. But only you know the particulars of your league to know what nuances exist, and each league will have its own nuances that may make my strategy for my league irrelevant for your league (and vice versa).

    • 1) Get five category contributors until all the five category guys are off the board (with a focus on those with the highest power/speed number).

      2) Then...get four category contributors until all four category contributors are off the board. Do each of the first two items while filling all my infield positions.

      3) Next...get the best two SPs available.

      4) Next...get any multi-position players that I have not already drafted and grab a catcher if I have not already done so.

      5) Next...get the highest batting average and OBP players left that backup each of my positions.

      6) Laugh at all the other fools in my league.

    • Pitching is half of the Stat in H2H leagues so u are handcuffing yourself that way

    • I hope you play H2H with that strategy.