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  • Pokerface Pokerface Jan 27, 2014 4:53 AM Flag

    Which of these guys would you keep?

    If you had no choice but to choose one position player among the following below, which one would you choose and why?

    2B Brian Dozier, Min
    3B David Freese, LAA
    OF/1B Darin Ruf, Phi

    Also, between the following pitchers which one would you favor most?

    RP John Axford, Cle (assuming he will be the Indians' closer)
    SP Jose Quintana, CWS
    SP Wei-Yin Chen, Bal

    I know these guys don't seem like keepers in a traditional league but I have to keep more than the usual, and whether I like it or not two of these guys will have to compose the tail end of my keeper list for 2014.

    Please don't forget to tell me why you would keep a player in particular.

    One final Q though... will Ichiro get regular playing time this year to merit at least a one year keeper slot (at least to hold down the fort until next year) over the guys listed above? Will he get traded? Thanks.

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    • Dozier - for two reasons 1 - MI are hard to find 2 - SB are a big bonus for a player taken later in a draft
      Beyond those reasons - Ruf is a big DH kind of guy stuck in the NL - he doesn't have a current role on the team and swings at everything (even if he is in the lineup everyday) plus Freese is a guy i would try and bundle with someone else and trade if he were on my team, would not want him even in a pinch for my 3B option. (Dozier is the only guy of the three who could find a home on any of my fantasy teams of the three)

    • Hitters I would go with Dozier completely out on freese as it is and I don't trust the Phillies offense
      Pitchers I Like Quintana he is a very young guy who has good Ks and a solid ERA

    • dozier, most predictions have him at around 13/13 and the BA has some upside due to a low BABIP.

      Quintana - he's nothing special, but he provides a league average K rate, good ground ball rates, etc. Might be hard for him to get W's, but he's by far the most bankable of the pitchers.

    • No opinion on Hitters; but keep Axford. He will be closer. The Cards picked him up late last year and he was back to pitching very well. Check out Sept. and playoff stats. Turned out that he had been tipping his pitches. The Card staff fixed that and he started pitching like he used to.

    • I keef Ruf and Chen. Ruf has the dual eligibility and is up and coming while also playing in the band box that is Philly. While I like Quintana I would take Chen with the better pitcher park and a little more offense to bail him out on bad days, also it never hurts to have Adam Jones patrolling center for you

    • Hey all I appreciate the replies. Keep them coming. Thanks.

      Before posting this and after several days of reading up here and there and checking out all kinds of stats for these players I was leaning a tad more for Freese and Axford. But to be honest I really like Quintana as a SP for the future more than I do Axford as a reliever for the future. I do however have curiosity as to how well (or bad) the Ax will do this year in the AL after getting the short crash course that he got last year while with the Cards... you know the thing about him tipping his pitches and all. Have to wonder if that was really Ax's ONLY flaw and if in fact he got it corrected... but also whether or not that adjustment will impact positively his 2014 performance in a new team and new and more powerful league in terms of hitting.

      As for Dozier I also like him for the future though. The 18 homers last year, though not guaranteed to be a repeat this year do carry some weight, plus the fact that he can steal some bases at the top of the Min lineup. But I think there's no reason why Freese won't pick up his batting average and OBP back to his normal level this year. Freese does not steal but he did have great numbers in the minors and if not for the foot problems he had earlier in the majors I think he would be much more ahead because he is a good player that for one reason or another just hasn't gotten it together as he should have. The biggest reason I have to have Freese ahead of Dozier at this point in time is the lineup around him. LA is packed with power and talented hitters. The Twins aren't.

    • Given those options, I am keeping Ruf and Chen.

      Dozier doesn't profile as a 18/14 hitter over his minor league career so I am thinking 2013 was an anomaly. Dozier's AAA numbers were nothing special either which gives me pause for concern.

      Ruf isn't any better but Ruf has extreme power potential and if Dozier's OBP remains at his career average of .297 then it will be hard for him to steal bases (whereas Ruf will steal exactly zero bases for you). I never liked Freese and I still don't like Freese. The Cardinals sold high on him for a reason. Long story, short...in the power potential and no speed game...I am taking Ruf over Freese.

      As far as the pitchers...

      ...never keep a closer.
      ...Quintana is simply in a lousy situation stuck pitching for a lousy team.
      ...Chen is a lousy pitcher with a better team...that will generally get you better pitching stats all the way around.

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      • Interesting. I agree with what you said about Ruf. I do like the player too and that's why I included him here even though chances are he will only play regular if someone gets injured in Philly, which is the main reason I will probably not be keeping him but might attempt to grab him later in the redraft if possible. But I agree. He should do well especially in that Philly ballpark ... :)

        As for Quintana he's done well in the majors despite his situation so have to take that into account. Nice K/9 and his peripherals won't kill you.

        Chen - and any pitcher in the AL East - make me too nervous to even consider. But still I don't think he is a lousy pitcher. He should do better this year if he doesn't get injured again.

    • 2B Brian Dozier, Min

      SP Jose Quintana, CWS

    • Dozier, produces both HRs and SBs (18 HRs 14SBs last year) at a thin position. He doesn't have the upside of Freese, but is more likely to stay on your roster for most of the year.
      I would keep Axford over Quintana and Chen. I normally don't like keeping closers, but the other options just aren't any better.
      Ichiro won't get much playing time barring an injury. Ellsbury, Beltran, Gardner, and Soriano will get most of the playing time in the outfield and at DH.

    • axford has been named indian closer so he is very valuable and an easy keeper pick.
      freese had one good season and could revert to it, not a great pick but he is most likely to help out of these, bob

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