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  • JJ JJ Jan 25, 2014 10:35 AM Flag

    Taveras and Sano for Price?

    I have WAY too much pitching in my dynasty league. Me and the team that has these players have been going back and forth for a long while about these guys in a trade. Is it a fair trade? I always find it hard to trade off top players for rookies

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    • This is a fair deal in dynasty, i'd probably lean towards the taveras side unlike many below. I would never take moore for those two fyi.

    • Trading Price is a risk. He had a down season last year and it is easy to think what have you done for me lately but he is 28 years old and that puts him in that magic age range where there best season usely happen. So no way of knowing what you could expect from him. But on the other side he has been in the majors a few years and is at about a 1,000 career innings where in most cases pitchers start to decline.

      Then you have the fact that Tampa Bay is shopping him around and likely is going to be traded and where he lands will impack his value. The ballpark in Tampa Bay is pitching friendly and of the possable suitors there are a few teams with ballparks that would be good for his fantasy value and a few that would be bad. Of them the best thing that could happen is to go to the Dodgers who has one of the best pitching friendly ballpark in the league. Then you have Seattle and LA Angles who ballparks maybe a little more pitching friendly then tampa bay but likely a non factor. Then you got Texas who has one of the best hitter friendly ballparks in the league and that would be very bad for his fantasy value and I will try to trade him myself if he lands there. Arizona is a little better but not much, There ballpark is in the top 10 of hitter friendly. Then the cubs are in the middle but there ballpark is still more hitter friendly then tampa bay.

      Alright, Matt Moore is a little more tricky, The Talent is there but his first full season last year wasn't want you would hope for becouse of injuries but he is going be good and trading him is a risk for it's possable he could breakout this season and if he does he's got more seasons ahead of him then Price does but on the other side if he don't break out and you have wait another year or two it does effect his value.

      Out of space see next post

    • Such a tough thing to evaluate when trying to make a deal like this. Sano and Taveras could both be Top 30ish players by 2016, and then you'll wonder why you didn't make the deal if they are. Or they could turn out to be no better than Cameron Maybin and Mark Reynolds, and you sit and wonder why the hell you would've made such a move at the time. It's basically yourself making that executive decision in how certain you are of those 2 panning out, cause just 1 panning out to be something doesn't really match up to making the deal, unless they're both positions of need for you going forward.

    • Id say no deal. Ask for a little more, someone more proven and a prospect. But i could be wrong once both of them live up to the hype, which could be this year. But no deal IMO.

    • In dynasty format, Taveras and Sano have massive value. Taveras is a solid 4-category guy who might chip in with double-digit SB's, and Sano a potential 40 HR contributor in the relatively near future (presuming that in fact his elbow is okay).

      Oliver projects Taveras to produce .285, 18 HR, 79 RBI's, 78 R's in 600 plate appearances for 2014. It also projects Sano to provide 41 HR's, 106 RBI's, 86 R's (just .234 BA and massive K rate as well, however) with 600 plate appearances in the majors. Two years from now, these guys could not be obtained, individually, for even an elite SP'er.

      I say this based on my experience in a very deep keeper league, with a lot of keepers. I target young players and grabbed Mike Trout, Jose Fernandez before they were in the majors, and traded for Bryce Harper. Getting elite young talent as early as possible leads to a dominant team - no way you can trade for talent as good as Trout, AND Fernandez AND Harper.

    • I would want another major upgrade for the Price side. Price is just too good to trade for two unproven prospects.

    • What are your other keepers in the league? Also, if you take on Taveras and Sano how does that impact your minors roster? Tavras has a chance to break camp as a starting OF in STL but it is highly unlikely due to arbitration eligibility and Sano the same thing only i think we'll see him up in the Majors towards the end of the year versus early on. It would be difficult for me to trade Price for those two currently unless you have an extremely deep and strong SP already. Below you were talking about Matt Moore and I think if you were to pull that off it would be a win for you.

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      • As It stands now....this is my team. With the news of the #$%$ ton of prospects being added I may re think some of this though.

        We can only have 5 NA types that fill those slots at a time too.

        LF - Ryan Braun, Kole Calhoun, Corey Dickerson
        CF - Adam Eaton, Dexter Fowler
        RF - Mike Stanton, Michael Choice
        3B - David Wright, Nolan Arenado
        SS - Andrelton Simmons, Brad Miller
        2B - Jason Kipnis, Anthony Rendon
        1B - Joey Votto
        C - Buster Posey, Mike Zunino
        SP - David Price, Madison Bumgarner, Stephen Strasburg, Jose Fernandez, Matt Moore, Zack Wheeler, Julio Teheran, Tony Cingrani, Alex Wood, Robbie Erlin
        RP - Kenley Jansen, Greg Holland, Alex Torres, Heath Hembree

        NAs - Hak-Ju Lee, Trevor Bauer

        Thinking of dropping - Brian Wilson, Ryan Howard.....i like them though!

    • Price for hype, no thank you.

    • there is rarely such a thing as too much pitching. trade will probably hurt in 2014, but be a great help in 2015 and beyond.


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