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    I have 2 of the top 2 picks in the league. And I know I will get two of these guys. With that being said what is the order you would take these players? I don't care about positions, its a dynasty and in the draft I go for talent/MLB ready. Whats your order? Thanks

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    • I like Polanco first based on his tools and him slated to join Pitt early this year. He will essentially make Pitt the most talented OF in the league and those 3 power/speed players in the lineup should generate tons of fantasy potential. If you can get Bryant after that great, if not do you have a backup plan for Gray? I'm not a fan of any pitcher that plays half of their games at Coors.

    • Polanco is the only 5-category contributor among those players and is the closest to the majors, by a long shot. Bryant offers legit power and Gray is a potentially dominant SP'er. However, Bryant will be in high A to start 2014, and Bryant low A or high A.

      Polanco will be in AAA to start the year and in RF for the Pirates by June. He is a lefty, with a very quick swing, good power, exceptional speed, likely to bat leadoff for the Pirates. He is very likely to give 12 HR's and 25 SB's as a rookie next year, and his ceiling is huge.

      Scouts rate his speed as a 70, his hitting as a 60, and his power as a 60. He also walks at a good rate and has a reasonably low K rate. There is really nothing not to like about his offense.

      Bryant will never steal enough bases to be in the same universe as Polanco, and Gray is a pitcher - no five categories from him. Together with the fact that Polanco is in the majors next year, and I think it's a no-brainer.

    • Between those guys I'd go Bryant then Polanco. I'd want Bradley over Gray, but don't discount Gray just based on Coors...

    • Bryant and Polanco.

    • In terms of ceiling Bryant is first. Might have most power potential in the minors. And I'd want Polanco over Gray. Polanco is the closest of the three to the majors, might have the lowest ceiling, but also has a better floor because of his on base skills and speed. Probably projects as a 20/40 play, maybe better in his prime.

      I don't think Gray is going to be worth taking as early as he'll be picked. Coor's Field can ruin a young pitcher's confidence. There would be safer pitching prospects available with similar upside. Personally I'd rather not take a pitcher that early, as generally they are a lot riskier than a bat.

    • 2 of top 6 picks


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