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  • Jake Jake Jan 20, 2014 12:17 PM Flag

    Who should I keep? Auction keeper league

    In our auction keeper league we have custom settings. So our starting budget is $500. We get 2 keepers at what they were drafted at last year, and if they were a free agent they are a dollar. And we get to keep 2 players at what yahoo says they are worth in accordance with our budget. Typically the number 1 player will be pre valued at $80(miggy or trout). You cannot keep the same rebuy more than 1 year, so the guy who drafted harper for $1 got to keep him 1 more year at that, then has to use him as a market re-buy if he wants to keep him. Well anyway:

    Goldschmidt: $40
    Reyes: $46
    Adam Jones: $42
    Christian Yelich: $1
    Trout: $42-$45(its too complicated to explain this one, but he's between those 2 prices)
    Billy Hamilton: $3
    Carlos Gonzalez: $58
    Bumgarner: $ 35-40

    These are the Rebuy prices, so let me know who you would keep for your 2 at re-buy and your 2 at market

    Right now Im leaning Goldy and Trout as re-buys ($85 together). But my markets I'm stuck on, I feel like I should take Jones and Cargo because they are the best on the board, but that would take me close or over $200, leaving me only $300 to fill my roster. Maybe Billy hamilton will be cheap market? Idk let me know what you think

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