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    Keeper Help

    Who would you keep? 12 Team H2H 10 category standard. Keep 5 for round they were previously drafted (dropped players count as final round selection). Here are the players that I think are possibilities and the rounds that I would give up. Thanks!

    Trout (1)
    Votto (1)
    Stanton (2)
    Ryan Zimmerman (4)
    Hanley Ramirez (8)
    Wil Myers (21)
    David Wright (26)
    Profar (26)
    Jason Heyward (26)
    Joe Mauer (26)


    Gio Gonzalez (5)
    King Felix (3)
    Wainwright (4)
    Julio Tehran (24)
    Shelby Miller (17)

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    • Trout (1), Votto (1),David Wright (26),Joe Mauer (26) or Heyward (26), and King Felix (3) or Wainwright (4) . That will give you 7 picks in the top 10 plus one in all the rounds until round 26. Including, the 1 in the first 65 picks (12 in the league keeping 5 each means not more then the top 60 would have been picked when you go for your 3rd or 4th round pick.)

    • Just to be clear on the rules of my league and perhaps provide more clarity:

      Multiple players can be kept even if they were drafted in the same round (or picked up as free agent). So essentiall if I were to keep two Round 1 players (Trout and Votto in this example) I would give up a Round 1 and a Round 2 using Round X for first player kept and round X +1 for the second keeper.

      From the responses given thus far it seems that Trout, Wright, and Hanley are definite keepers which I would agree.

      My next group to keep 2 out of seem to be Myers, Mauer, Miller, Profar, & Teheran based on the responses below, which I greatly appreciate. Personally I am leaning towards keeping one pitcher to have an ace which from past experiences is key. I have successfully utilized punting saves in the past as well if that matters and while never going into a year thinking I will do that I always wait on saves and pick up guys that tend not to keep their jobs.

    • If I understand it correctly, you could only keep 1 out of the 4 of Wright, Profar, Heyward, and Mauer since they ALL would require the SAME draft pick be used to keep them. If that is correct, then here are my answers:

      Trout, Hanley, Wright, Shelby, and Teheran.

      If I am INCORRECT, and you CAN keep more than 1 out of that foursome, then my answer is as follows:

      Trout, Hanley, Wright, Mauer, and Teheran.

    • Trout, Myers, Wright, Profar, Mauer. This is assuming you'd lose a 2nd rd selection keeping felix. Teheran and Miller are also considerations.

    • Myers, Wright and Hanley are automatic for me, and I don't think I could throw Trout back even if you do have much better value players.

      And in a standard H2H league you want to keep one pitcher at most. But in your case, I wouldn't keep any. Felix, Wainwright and other similar pitchers will be available with the picks you'd be giving up to keep them. And I need a longer track record before I'd trust Miller or Teheran. Personally I'd keep Mauer instead as well. I actually think Heyward is a better keeper, but you can't keep a 3rd OF.

      With Mauer's impending move to 1B I'd expect a healthier year and a career high in plate appearances. I'd expect him to hit .320+ with 20 HR and approach his career highs in R and RBI with the extra AB.

    • Mauer


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