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  • Tom Tom Jan 13, 2014 9:09 PM Flag

    Dynasty Team Suggestions

    20 team H2H, OPS and holds added, 9th year, only 6 teams make playoffs

    Choked in the playoffs last year, don't want it to happen again

    c Matt Wieters
    1b Michael Cuddyer
    2b Howie Kendrick
    3b Miguel Cabrera
    ss Elvis Andrus
    of Ryan Braun
    of Shin-Soo Choo
    of Jayson Werth
    utl Cocoa Crisp
    utl Will Middlebrooks
    utl Jordan Schafer
    bench Josh Rutledge, Henry Urrutia, Drew Stubbs, Marcus Semien, Jose Ramirez

    SP Cliff Lee, Johnny Cueto, CC Sabathia, Marco Estrada, Jorge De La Rosa, Ricky Nolasco, Ryan Dempster, Tyler Thornburg, Chad Gaudin, Erik Johnson, Corey Luebke

    RP Rafael Soriano, Jim Henderson, Ernesto Frieri, Cody Allen, Joel Peralta, Santiago Casilla

    Javier Baez IF
    Gregory Polanco OF
    Carlos Correa SS
    Danny Hultzen Sp
    Eury Perez OF
    Joe Benson OF
    Adam Loewen OF

    Note: I can send back down players so anyone on my team who doesn't make a roster I can send down and retain their rights without using up a roster spot. Most teams only roster 6-8 SP, so although the top of my rotation is lacking, I am very deep and the strong bullpen helps. Also this is a 20 team league with 30 man rosters and a full minor league system, please don't just name prospects you think are good and tell me to pick them up, that's a waste of both of our time because they won't be available.

    Also traded away my first round pick in our prospect/waiver draft. Won't be adding any elite prospects, but the pitching prospects available are very deep. I'm expecting to be able to add two SP prospects ranked in the bottom end of the top 100 who have front of the rotation stuff.

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    • I see lots of players Id dump/trade away if you can. 20 teams means you will have a couple meh types but seems you have more then a couple. Jordan Schafer is nothing special. A straight up dump for an upgrade should still be easy with your FA pool. Ive never heard of Jose Ramirez.... I did a search and not impressed with him....who is he? I know most all MiLB players pretty darn well so it'd be strange a good player got by me.

      I actually like your pitching. Again 20 team league. Should try to send Cliff Lee off this year and get some sort of package of players back.

      Anyways move or dump Schafer, Ramirez, Lee, Stubbs, Joe Benson and why on earth would you have Adam Loewen?

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      • For reference, we have 20 teams x 30 man rosters + 2 DL slots + 8-12 minor league players

        We draft two prospects per year plus any player sent down to the minors can be added to our minor league system, which is about half of the players in the minor league system. We can drop those players while they are in the minors and hold their rights without taking up a roster spot. That's about the top 750 players gone from Yahoo. I think you are over estimating the strength of my FA pool.

        Schafer is cheap speed. He won't play everyday but he'll get enough playing time and with 3 utility spots it's easy to find a spot for him when he gets a start. Stubbs is similar. I'm convinced he is going to end up with 120+ starts. Cargo and Cuddyer miss time every year, and Blackmon is unproven. He's also the only true CF on the team. In a much better hitting environment, I expect him to match the 15/30 line he put up two years ago, which is a very good bench player in this deep of a league.

        Jose Ramirez is an Indians 2B prospect. Good comparison is probably Jose Altuve. Played SS/Utl for them late last year. My plan is to trade him with one of Rutledge or Semien to someone who needs young middle infielders (which is something every team looks for). I would likely drop him if he makes the team as a backup infielder with limited playing time, but as long as he gets sent down so he doesn't take up a roster spot I'd keep him if I can't trade him.

        I've held Loewen since he was a pitcher, with our minor league system it costs me nothing to keep him. Benson I got as a throw in with a trade I was going to make anyway. No point in dropping players that cost you nothing to keep.

        If someone would give me ace value back for Lee I'd move him, but I don't see it happening. I tried with both him and Sabathia last year and nobody made an offer worth taking. Generally older pitchers are severely undervalued in this league.

    • In a very general sense, this team is built more to win now than later. Players who I think could be expendable would be schafer, urrutia, dempster, gaudin, loewen, Benson. I would shop middlebrooks, rutledge, stubbs, hultzen and maybe a top prospect to try to shore up the UTL spot and go for it. Thornburg I also dont think will be anything special long term.

      good luck with pickups, sometimes even players like austin hedges, etc., may be available and better options than some of the dead weight above, but with 600 players owned I know it's deep, good luck.

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      • Thornburg projects as a number 3 who can pick up a decent amount of K's. Nothing special but literally every player with a spot locked into a rotation is owned in this league. He's also a guy whose dominated in the minors and put up great numbers in limited time last year. Absolutely worth a roster spot.

        With Benson and Loewen I only own their rights because it doesn't cost me anything. Both will probably either be dropped if they ever get called up or thrown in as a worthless part of a trade.

        Austin Hedges is owned. Generally any decent prospect is owned. A few pitchers will slip through if they aren't first round picks and make an unexpected leap to the big leagues (thats how I got Thornburg and Johnson). Pitching is actually very deep this year in our draft, which is why I'm expecting to end up taking pitchers in our prospect draft.

        Biggest problem with trading the guys you pointed out is they don't have a lot of value. Middlebrooks I will probably keep because I'm going to need a long term answer at 3B with Cabrera losing eligibility after this year. Hultzen and Dempster are currently at low point in terms of trade value, and I'd prefer to wait on them to build back up some value. Although both could be actually traded by opening day, so it is a situation to keep an eye on. Sabathia I think I'm going to just have to sit on, because I know I won't like any of the offers I'll get. I tried to move him last year citing a large return that Halladay got the year before but nobody offered anything worth considering.


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