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    I play in a 16 team Has league with standard scoring. We keep 6-8 players.
    My for sure keepers are
    1B Paul Goldschmidt
    SS Jose Reyes
    OF Adam Jones
    OF Carlos Gomez
    SP Stephen Strasburg

    I also plan on keeping
    C Wilin Rosario
    OF Billy Hamilton

    I'm on the fence with my last keeper
    Kyle Segar
    Billy Butler
    Hy-Jin Rye
    Julio Tehran
    Zach Wheeler
    Matt Harvey
    I finished second in the regular season and postseason

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    • Billy Hamilton is a waste for you. That .368 average from last year is meaningless, it was 19 AB. He has highly questionable on base skills and will likely be a one stat contributor for his first few years at the least. And considering all of your automatic keepers will get you double digit SB he isn't a guy you'd need, especially considering he's OF only this year.

      Anyone telling you to take Harvey is in an idiot, he won't pitch an inning this year. You can pick him up off FA midseason and store him on your DL spot if you really want him.

      So in addition to Rosario, I'd probably keep Seager and one out of Teheran/Ryu. Teheran probably has more upside but Ryu is safer, you can make that choice yourself. With Seager, he really isn't anything special, but this is a deeper league and 3B is shallow. Even if you can find someone better in the draft it's a shallow position and he'll have some trade value.

      Hamilton does have some value though, you may be best off attempting to package him with Seager for and upgrade at 3B or with one of Teheran/Ryu for an upgrade at SP.

    • goldschmidt, reyes, jones, gomez, straburg, and rosario.

    • Don't keep Hamilton. Not worth it, IMO. You'd be better off with Teheran.

    • You have to keep Harvey despite the injury.
      I would also keep Teheran over Rosario.

    • I'd keep
      1B Paul Goldschmidt
      SS Jose Reyes
      OF Adam Jones
      OF Carlos Gomez
      SP Stephen Strasburg
      Billy Butler - only Ut, but hits well and the KC lineup should hit better around him this year
      Billy Hamilton - kind of iffy having not shown he can hit ML pitching, but a lot of speed
      I would not keep the catcher - kind of an interchangeable position after the first couple of Cs off the board.

    • I would keep Teheran. I would ALSO drop Rosario AND Hamilton and replace them with Seager and Ryu.

      In sum, I view these 8 players as your best keepers:


      That being said, it sounds like you don't HAVE TO use all 8 keepers. So I would sit down, look at the players that you think other teams will keep (and therefore, what free agents will be available on draft day), and consider whether you may be better off not using all of your keeper selections.


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