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  • Alex Alex Jan 10, 2014 10:16 AM Flag

    Masahiro Tanaka trade - Dynasty

    I'm in a 20-team dynasty league, H2H points. We have active 25 man rosters, minors of up to 22, and salary cap of $165MM.

    Get: Masahiro Tanaka ($1MM), $1.1MM cash
    Give: Sonny Gray ($2MM), Trevor Bauer ($1.1MM), a second round draft pick

    Under our rules, Tanaka is eligible for our amateur draft, which means he'll get the slot contract of $1 million. He can be given a contract of up to 5 years. Gray and Bauer can also be extended for up to 5 years.

    Should I make this trade? Tanaka is an unknown quantity until he actually pitches in MLB, but most evaluators are saying he's going to be a #2 or #3 guy right away, though he's not without his red flags. CBS released their '14 projections, and they have Gray ranked at #75 overall, almost on the same level as Doug Fister (#70), who I also own. CBS also predicts Gray to have nearly the same number of points as Fister next year based on our league's points model. It's a tough call, I'm having a difficult time deciding. Thanks for any input.

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    • Sonny Gray has performed well, but his stuff is not that of an ace. Trevor Bauer has the stuff of an ace, but has struggled in the majors and his 4.7 career bb/9 in the minors doesn't tell me that will be changing anytime soon.

      You're trading a #3 and a potential reliever for unknown in Tanaka. I'd do it, but more because I'm down on the two guys you are moving. People are misunderstanding what Tanaka is. Above all else he's a groundball pitcher. Your high end comparison of a groundball pitcher with a plus splitter would be Brandon Webb. But you don't know if he's going to change his approach with a bigger workload. I wouldn't be shocked if he turned into a Derek Lowe-esque pitcher once he comes over.

    • Id' take Tanaka. Bauer is destined to be a RP at this point due to the walks, et someone else pay for the name. I think he ends up better than Gray AND costs less. It's the pick I think that makes me question it.

    • Hell no! I don't care what division Tanaka ends up in. You've seen Gray pitch for half a season in the MLB and you know he's good. In fact, he was real good. Bauer may have some mechanical issues, but he's been a top ten prospect. Both of those guys are younger than Tanaka and Tanaka has already logged something like 1200 innings at age 25. In addition, there has been some concern over his throwing motion. Your risk here outweighs the potential reward in my book.

    • I wouldn't do it. I expect Tanaka to end up in the AL East.

    • tanaka is the one to have


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