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  • Kiley Kiley Jan 9, 2014 3:25 PM Flag

    Who to Keep - HELP

    4 keeper, 12 team, 18 players per team league, draft picks traded but still have decent picks (mid 1st, late 2nd, no 3rd, late 4th, etc., snake draft). Finished 2nd during regular season, lost out in 2nd round of playoffs, finished 4th. SP seem to be very valuable in our league as they seem to fetch higher picks if traded. Leaning towards keeping Greinke, Strasburg, Price and a position player, but not sure as I have some big point producers with my position players. Please help!

    C Davis
    A Rios
    C Santana
    C Beltran
    J Kipnis
    T Tulowitzki
    A Gordon
    C Gonzalez
    H Ramirez

    Z Greinke
    A Chapman
    H Ryu
    CC Sabathia
    S Strasburg
    D Price
    S Gray

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    • I don't know what your scoring is but unless your scoring is heavily weighted toward pitching I would keep no pitchers. Davis, Hanley, Tulo and Cargo are the four I'd want.

    • Does your league count your keepers as your top 4 picks of the draft? Then the draft resumes in the 5 th round where people are picking guys and not the keepers anymore? Most likely that is the case. If so you have to choose your keeps that are top 50 fantasy guys. Keeping three stud pitchers and one position guy will mean you will have a great SP unit for he year but a not so solid offense. I would keep Price as your only SP. then C. Davis, C. Gonzalez, an then a toss up between Kipnis, Tulo, or Ramirez.

    • I'd keep
      C Davis
      J Kipnis - 2B is a wek position
      T Tulowitzki - SS is a weak position
      C Gonzalez
      and one of Z Greinke, S Strasburg, D Price thinking pitching is a deep position and with all keeping four players the 37th player will be the first real pick and there are lot of good Ps out there and I would take a P with your 4th round pick and not before.

    • If I understand correctly from your post, it's a points league. That being said, unless your league grossly overvalues pitching comparative to hitting, I don't know how you can't keep CarGo, Tulo, Chris Davis, and to an extent, even Hanley. Only you know how the points breakdown works in your league, but quite frankly, without knowing your league's points breakdown, I'd keep all 4 of those position players before I'd keep any of your pitchers.

      Regardless of who you ultimately keep, however, there should be a TON of trade potential for you to either get some keeper upgrades or to acquire some additional draft picks. Theoretically, a 12-team, 4-keeper league means the top 50 players are keepable. I see a lot more than 4 players within the top 50 on your roster.

    • If the stat categories are normal keep Tulo, CarGo, C Davis, Stras


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