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    Dynasty Keeper Help

    I'm in a unique league that is a no cap auction league. Your team cost is exactly what you get at auction. So if you purchased Miggy for $60 at auction, you have to pay that $60, then other players' cost and so forth. There is a steep luxury tax $4 for every dollar over at $637.
    Categories are - Offense: R, HR, RBI, SB, BB, TB, AVG -
    Pitching: W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP.
    I have done a great job of drafting low cost player and don't know who to keep because at most we can keep 7 players. My lineup is as follows

    C - Carlos Ruiz $2
    1B - Goldsmidt $17
    2B - H. Kendrick $11
    Carpenter 1B/2B/3B/OF $4
    3B - Longoia $53
    SS - B. Hamilton (don't know if he'll be SS eligible next year) $4
    OF - Craig 1B/OF $5
    Cargo $45
    Rios $6
    A. Gordon $55
    Puig $2 (yes I drafted him last year, not a FA pick up)
    Dom. Brown $4
    Plouffe $4
    SP - Kershaw $47
    Cobb $24
    Teheran $10
    Liriano $4
    Corbin $3
    Ryu $4
    M. Perez $2
    I have closers but I won't be keeping any of them.

    I'm curious to see what the fantasy community would weigh in on this. Guys in the league have spent well over $1000 on their teams while I have been able to draft for now and the future while to keep costs significantly lower giving be a better pay out to pay in ratio. I was doing great last year until the end when I had a few crutial injuries (craig, cargo)The only person I'm 100% in on is Goldschmidt. Everyone else I'm flexible with because we are able to not only trade players but also cash (as they do in real baseball). My question to all of you is, which 7 would you keep, and which ones would you try to trade away for cash or just let go to FA so no other team can receive the players at a discount.

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    • Goldschmidt, Carpenter, Craig and Puig are automatic keepers to me. Rios and Dom Brown are guys I don't expect to repeat and would look to trade. I'm assuming Cargo is about $10-15 cheaper then what his value would be this year so I'd keep him as well.

      your pitching I'm not sure on. If you think you are saving $10+ on Kershaw then keep him. If you think you can get him back for a similar price then throw him back. I'd probably keep Ryu for sure either way at $4.

      Also a note on the pitching vs hitting. The number of keepers one way or another is irrelevant at this point. Whats more important is making sure that you are allotting more of your budget toward hitting then pitching. With Goldschmidt and Cargo at their current prices you are essentially getting two top 10 bats for the price of one, so you're already ahead of the game with your bats.

      If you can't find a taker then Rios is too cheap to throw back. Just don't expect him to put up another 40 SB.

    • You didn't mention how many teams, so I'm going to assume 12.

      Goldscmidt, carpender, craig, rios, puig for sure. Then I would go cargo and kershaw. I would try to trade longoria or cargo and only keep 1, but see where you can get the best deal. Brown, Teheran and Hamilton might also be attractive to another team for picks or $$, good luck.

    • Carpenter (he will lose 1B and OF, but still), Craig, Puig, Goldschmidt...I want to say keep no pitchers b/c of the category difference, but Perez at $2 is too good a value. Liriano at $4 as well. I'd keep Cargo at $45 and let the other big price tag guys go.

    • goldy, carpenter, rios, puig, craig, dom. brown, kershaw/ryu (if you dont mind spending the money, id keep kershaw...if you dont want to spend as much id go with ryu)....that is a solid core of players and i think you should be able to trade away the other big name players fairly easily

    • Puig, Teheran, Goldy, Craig, Carpenter, Brown, Kershaw are who i would keep. Gives you a good power group plus an ace and a good pitcher.

    • Keep Goldsmidt, Carpenter, Craig, Rios, Puig and see what Longoria, Cargo, and Kershaw are worth in a trade. You don't mention what the starting positions are and how large the overall team is, but I wouldn't keep the 3 high priced players I mentioned trading as I feel Longoria is overpriced and Cargo and Kershaw can be replaced much cheaper with 85% return on stats as OFs and SPs are deep positions and you just have to pick the Scherzer's and Pence's of the world that show ability to improve and save cash.

    • Keep Goldy, Carpenter, Craig, Rios, Puig, Teheran, Kershaw.

    • goldschmidt,craig,puig,carpenter,cargo,longoria,ryu

    • i don't get it. whats the point if theres Is no cap

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      • When you pay for your team entry fee you pay what you auctioned each one of your players for. Essentially you can make your team entry fee worth $20 while others' might have theirs at $600 so if you win money your payback would be much greater than those who poured lots of money into their team. We've had guys spend over $1000 and not even make the playoffs. Tried making the league like the real thing (big market vs small market depending on your attitude/bank roll). I had the 2nd lowest team cost but was in the top 3 standings for most the year. Also, since there is no cap, that luxury tax is very steep and should deter you from going over it unless you find the risk worth the reward. If you go over the cap by $20 you are going to have to pay in an extra $80 in tax.


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