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  • Brock W Brock W Jan 3, 2014 2:07 AM Flag

    Prepping Dynasty

    We've got 20 teams. Head to head format with standard scoring.

    C - T. D'Arnaud
    1B - F. Freeman
    2B - M. Carpenter
    3B - M. Machado
    SS - S. Castro
    OF - G. Stanton, J. Upton, R. Davis
    Util - C. Hart, E. Bonifacio
    Bench - M. Dominguez, P. Konerko, A. Hechavarria, J. Soler, Gary Sanchez
    SP - C. Hamels, M. Bumgarner
    RP - D. Farquhar, R. Brothers
    P - J. Chacin, Y. Gallardo, T. Walker, T. Skaggs
    Bench - C. Allen, D. Hudson, C. Billingsley, J. Mejia, J. Paxton, J. Walden

    I've got to immediately dump three of these guys. Those three will likely be Konerko, Hudson and Walden. I've got the 5th waiver claim for the draft. Obviously there's a need for a promised closer. I need bounce-backs from Stanton, Hamels, Castro and Gallardo. (Any guesses who will bounce back and who won't?) Should I focus on offense or defense? I'd like to trade Justin Upton. He's just never lived up to the hype in my book. I'd like to target Jay Bruce, Adam Jones or Andrew McCutchen. Any packaging thoughts? Thanks for the help.

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    • I agree hechavarria will not hit enough to be worth much, better to use the spot on a younger player. In a 20 team league you always take best player available, and with the 5th spot you should be able to target a pretty good up and coming SP and bat. Stanton and hamels bounce back, castro bounces back but not completely, gallardo is done being a top 120 player. You really need some more SP, and another OF. a good example of a move I might do now would be dropping hechavarria for hedges, he may not be a star but could provide some insurance for d'arnaud.

    • Konerko Hudson, Hechavarria are the ones I would drop.
      You should be able to get Bruce for Upton straight up.
      I would try to trade Carpenter for another 2B because his value is at its highest now and next year I think he'll only be eligible at 3B.

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      • I'm hoping, note: hoping, Hechavarria will develop into a decent utility player for my team. If I log on opening day of Yahoo and find that he's only eligible at two positions, he might be a little closer to that chopping block. But, he's young and he was one of the league's top 100 prospects last season. That's why I'm giving him a chance for the time being. The reason that I'm dropping Walden is because so many people are already in front of him in Atlanta (O'Flaherty, Venters, Kimbrel). He'll likely never get a shot at closing there.

    • You have a really solid Infield and I wouldn't do anything to it. Now for OF, id deal Upton as well, but to get one of those 3 guys, youll need to give up Skaggs or even Walker. Now if you can do it with giving up Skaggs I would but I wouldnt give up Walker. But I think Upton for Bruce strait up is possible, add in Paxton I think its a deal. I think you need most is OF/Util and SP. Closers come and go so don't worry. Pick up Nate Jones and Tommy Hunter and you got two closers. I think who you should get off waivers is either Archie Bradley, Masahiro Tanaka, Gregory Polanco, or Jose Abreu for Util.


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