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  • KathleenL KathleenL Jan 2, 2014 4:11 PM Flag

    Where Should Joey Votto be drafted in Head-to Head Leagues?

    It's been a no-brainier the past 3 years to draft Votto in the second half of the first round. That may still be advisable for Roto, but I'm not sure it applies anymore in HxH. He's arguably going to produce fewer fantasy points at 1B than Goldschmidt, Encarnacion, Davis, and maybe Freeman. Add that to ranking him behind Cabrera (also likely to be eligible at 1B), Trout, Cano, McCutchen, Carlos Gonzalez, and Kershaw, and he's fallen into a group with Ellsbury, Darvish, Beltre, and Wright -- making him an early 2nd-round pick. Any argument?

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    • He'll probably go early 2nd. Yes, his HR/RBI hurt last year, but he's one of the more consistent players in that he hits and he's been mostly healthy.

    • Votto isn't a first rounder for me. But he's a pretty safe pick in the mid second, despite playing a deep position. He's led the NL in walks for 3 straight years, and in OBP for 4. Even if the power numbers are no longer elite he's a relatively safe bet to put up 100+ R with a strong average and handful steals. And the ceiling is still there to put up a top 5 season if the power returns.

    • i think he is just outside the top 10 personally, so late first round in 10 or 12 team leagues

    • I guess it depends somewhat on league size as to whether he's a first or second rounder, but I personally would target him in the second round. 24 HRs is hard to justify as a first-rounder, especially from a premium power position. 73 RBIs and just 6 steals to accompany that 24 HRs means he's definitely not a first-rounder to me. Now, do I expect him to only tally 73 RBIs? Quite frankly, it's hard to say. He might be more free-swinging this year, but he also lost an OBP machine in Choo, which will likely mean fewer runners on-base in front of him.

      For what it's worth, ESPN's Tristan Cockcroft currently has him ranked 18th for 2014.

    • First round should be a sure thing, you know he will give you BA and OBP, since it's a little ?? in the power department he is better off as a late first rounder early second rounder this year, but probably would lean towards first.

    • First round.

      The only guys named Goldschmidt and Cabrera are better bats with the possibility of having 1B eligibility in the first week of the season.


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