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  • Mike Mike Nov 18, 2013 6:24 PM Flag

    Keep Scherzer or Strasberg?

    I can only keep one or the other because Im only keeping one pitcher. Give me your pros and cons.

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    • My roster is listed under my previous post - 6 keepers. Take a look. Id like to have your opinion,

    • Mike, your logic is flawed.

      You can only keep one or the other because of your self imposed limitations. If you hitting is weak (and I supposed it is because of your weak minded logic) then you are best to keep both pitchers.

      That being said...nobody can tell you which one to keep without viewing your entire roster. They can tell you which one they think is better...but they can't tell you who to keep.

    • Strasburg

    • I'm probably the minority here, but I'm going to say keep Strasburg. He's only 25, and we really haven't seen what he can do with a full season. He pitches in the national league, on a team that is only getting better, which means that he will rack up with wins as well as his huge K totals. Max Scherzer, while getting better every season, only really has one great year under his belt, and although I don't expect him to take a step back, his record was definitely aided by his huge run support in Detroit. I feel like we have seen the best that Scherzer has to offer and we haven't even come close to Strasburg's full potential, and since this is a keeper league, I'd go with the upside. Stras is more high risk/high reward because he has been injured in the past, so take that into consideration.
      Good Luck.


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