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  • DIESEL DIESEL Oct 6, 2013 1:57 PM Flag

    How do you Draft ???

    Everyone has a different strategy they use in drafting. Best available,stats based,or dumb luck. So i want to see how you get ready for a Draft.. Just courious.

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    • always favor youth over age (injury factor) when it is a difference....no pitchers for first 3 to 5 picks....best players available for those picks even if same position players...most leagues favor hr's so look for those guys....players with consistently 140 or more games a season played for a few years....middle rounds go for pitchers (sp's) (rp are cheap and easy to come by after seasons begin)....and to fill in positions that are weakest....of's unless major players pass on unless your inf. is getting filled....rarely draft a catcher and pick one up after season starts....very few are major impact guys....then as it closes look for sleepers....guys coming back with potential....impulse guys....your going to miss on a few picks but most leagues are won and lost on the waiver wire rather than draft....remeber, what seperates better teams from the rest are rounds after the known players are gone....only about ten to 20 sp's worth drafting in first 5 rounds........thats my basic stuff....i do pretty well....won 3 trophys this year and only had one bad team and i took it over as a last place team in a keeper last 5 weeks of the season to see how long it'll take me to make it a contender....so i don't know the science but my instincts seem to be reasonable....gl

    • First 3 picks...best 5 category contributor available regardless of position.

      No pitchers until all hitting slots are filled (except UTIL slots).

      First 8-9 picks...nothing but bats to fill out all hitting positions leaning towards completing your infield as early as possible.

      Rounds 8-13 should be value picks that contribute in all categories and workhorse SPs that should pitch 200+ innings.

      Rounds 13-20 should round out starting pitching (young arms with high K/9), UTIL bats, and two closers.

      Final rounds should round out your bench bats and should have multi-position players that play at least 3 fantasy positions, you should also add your final SP and a third closer if possible.

    • by the way, great question, interesting to read others ideas....ty

    • I agree with you guys about Drafting infield first. And going for 5 category guys first three picks. I'm in a 10 team keeper league for last four years so i've been told since i started Fantasy 9 years ago. To try to fill 2nd,ss,and CF first. Cause those guys usually are 5 Cat guys. But i've tweaked my thinking over the years. I've won championships with different strategies. But i think it all depends on the manager ahead of you that can make or break your draft... I also find that managers don't want to trade infielders as much as outfielders. I agree with u on Catchers #$%$ shoot minus santana,posey,molina..

    • Infielders first because they're so few, and Outfielders last because they're so many.

    • I prefer to target infielders early. They are the hardest to find on waivers during the season, while decent OFs and SPs are always out there. After I get a couple of infielders, I'll pick up an OF or two and an ace SP. By round 10, I want my entire offense filled except catcher and utility. By the end of the draft, I want only one or two offensive players on my bench, a powerful offense, two-three cheap closers, and a lot of SPs. However, I'll quickly deviate from my plan if a player that I like slips farther than I think he should or if a player that nobody seems to like slips to where he becomes a good deal.

    • First, league size and setup has an effect on this. Filling out the IF is less important in a 12 team mixed league than a 16 or 20 team league or NL/AL only league.

      You should definately modify yahoo's rankings based on your own assumptions or get go to rotoworld or another site to get stats for the year then adjust.

      Offense is generally more consistent than P, so most players will focus on this during drafts and rightly so. However, if you see a very good P value because of this don't be afraid to jump on it. Also, I try to scratch injury risks. For example, adam eaton was highly touted last year, but he was off all my draft lists because you just don't know what you are getting. Same with Matt Kemp, Derek Jeter, etc. If you use auto-drafting I highly recommend removing these players from your list. A good example for next year might be matt harvey. Maybe he pitches and maybe he pitches well, but maybe he undergoes TJ surgery and you just lost a high pick. I don't want to take injury risk the first 12-14 rds of a draft.


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