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    Good At History?

    1) Discuss the shared histories of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and detail their early spread
    across the known world.
    (2) Discuss Africa as the “cradle of humanity,” the early population disbursements of its people
    related to resources and technology, and why Roberts says “for most of historical times…it
    (Africa) has been the home of peoples to whom things have happened.”
    (3) Discuss the importance of the Gupta Dynasty in Indian history, as well as the Moghul Empire.
    (4) Detail the importance of the Ch’in and Han dynasties to Chinese history and culture, both
    internally and how the country faced the outside world.

    (5) Discuss the Japanese military mindset, and how its attraction to European warfare technology
    influenced drastic culture change.
    (6) Detail how the Church and royals worked together to rule European society from the top down
    during the feudal era.

    Need help to answer these in essay form I have number 2 and 4 done only need 2 more if you know how to do history please help thanks.

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