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  • pops pops Sep 25, 2013 1:04 AM Flag

    Start Peavy tmrw against Col?

    Up 42K to 20k. Down 2 to 3 in wins. My opponent has 1 more SP than me rest of week with six moves remaining. I only have four moves. Miraculously, I'm winning every O Cat and up in ERA 1.00 to 2.3 and in WHIP 1.06 to 1.15. Do I just give up on wins, and protect my ERA and WHIP? I am up big in Run, SB, AVG. Only need to tie this guy to win the title.

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    • No way in hell that I would start any BOS pitcher (other than Buchholz) in Colorado.

      (and somehow Buchholz missed making a Colorado turn this visit)

      I dumped my shares of Peavy and Lackey over the past 2 weeks. I have no interest in either of them in Colorado with a depleted lineup backing them from star players being rested over the final week.

    • if ur gonna post all this why not also list his pitchers? based on what u said I would not start Peavy. he is prone to the long ball and I think u can find safer starters to finish the week.the key is to find and add these safer starters sooner rather than later so your opponent has to add lousy players if he wants to chase you. if Gio is not pitching again, drop him for Ogando today. find out if Wacha is done. if so, add parker now.

      there were other pitchers today who did well and might get a Sunday start. consider Griffin, Tillman, Niese, Fister if available. maybe even Vargas. all these guys should only be started if they have solid matchups

    • Should add my remaining "guaranteed" SP are Cashner, Salazar, Porcello all with favorable matchups. Had Ubaldo, Verlander, Moore, Wacha, Gio pitch past two days. No guarantees any of them will pitch again and fairly sure Gio is done. I suspect Moore and Ubaldo will get one more start.

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      • The Wednesday of the championship week. Every starter from here on out can be dropped after their next start. Look ahead to the weekend because things will be clearer then about how the cats will shape up. I wouldn't use all 4 moves because you should protect what you have if your over the innings limit, and maybe use a couple to protect K's. Maybe rest Peavy today. Seeing as you both may have guys not getting starts you should figure out who you will add, when to add them, and in what situation.

        Also, you said you were interested in that "ultimate league" with some guys from these boards. What is your email? Or just email me at harrysmitty AT yah00

      • I am going to bet Verlander will not face the Marlins on Sunday, but that would be great. I'm looking at adding Ogando and Parker later in the week


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