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  • Dick Strong Dick Strong Sep 22, 2013 1:08 PM Flag

    Championship week move(s)

    Okay...I have just one move left this week to prep for next week.

    I already have 3 two-start pitchers for next week (Archer, Minor, Morton).

    Should I drop Porcello now and add Brandon McCarthy (a two-start pitcher next week) or just wait until Porcello pitches his favorable matchup against MIA and then stream the last two days. (keep in mind...Cabrera, Fielder, and Hunter might be resting for DET if they have clinched)

    ...and...if you vote against adding a 4th two-start pitcher...

    Can you talk me out of adding Josmil Pinto, Carlos Ruiz, or Russell Martin? Mike Napoli is my starting catcher but the Red Sox only have 5 games next week and Napoli has been "rested" a lot recently. Pinto has been killing it for MIN and batting in the top 1/3rd of the order and MIN has 7 games next week. Ruiz has nearly matched Napoli's numbers over the past month and PHI has 7games next week. Russell Martin contributes in 4 categories and PIT has 6 games next week and is in the middle of playoff race and trying to win a division title.

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    • What kind of manager are you playing? What statistic categories is he strong in, and what is he weak in. Who are your other starters this week. If you want to rack up K's then it may be good to add a two starter guy but it may not even be worth it. I don't know why you own Porcello and #$%$ on other peoples' pitching. Maybe for the wins.his last 3 starts have been good but that 4+ ERA gives too much unpredictability. Even with a matchup against MIA I wouldn't risk. Maybe he'll prove me wrong. Tanner Roark available? He is a two start guy and is on fire with a WAS team still in it. I would add him and drop Porcello. STL could be a tough task but I like the better pitcher option more than the better matchup.

      How many roster spots do you have open? If you drop Roark after his second start on Saturday, then you can have a streamer for Sunday and you could have another if you can clear roster room. How many adds a week? After your Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat starters are done you can find the room there by dropping them. If you're looking for wins then get as many SPs but the odds are that one may break the bank.

      As for Catching, if your going to use the add on a pitcher then you won't be adding one. I wouldn't sweat it as you should have a backup on your roster already. What they may produce isn't that big of a deal anyways.

      All that I'm saying could change based on the guy your playing. Strong pitching? Go with the pitchers. Strong O? A catcher won't make much of a difference. I would still go with pitching. Maybe individual categories too and get help from a slugger to plug in for the weekend. I've seen your totals and your weakness is pitching, I would go right ahead and address that. When the home stretch comes along you may not even need pitching help and would want to protect ERA and WHIP leads and sacrifice W and K. Your offense would need to be doing well too.

      Many contributing factors. Good luck. Yahoo is making me stop writing so much so bye.


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