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  • Grant C Grant C Sep 20, 2013 3:58 AM Flag

    Keeper Help

    Sorry for the poor post last time. But its a 10 team roto league, 5 keepers.

    1B- Votto
    2B- Cano
    3B- Miggy
    SS- Tulo
    LF- Crisp
    CF- Gomez
    RF- Choo
    UT- Cuddyer
    BN- Cargo
    BN- Desmond
    BN- Lowrie
    BN- Seager

    SP- Wainwright
    SP- Bumgarner
    SP- Lee
    SP- Buchholz
    SP- Latos
    SP- Kuroda
    RP- Perkins
    RP- Johnson
    RP- Perez
    RP- Melancon

    5 Keepers i would choose are Votto, Cano, Miggy, Tulo, Cargo

    Who would you choose?

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    • I would keep Gomez and Desmond over Cano and Tulowitzki.

      Desmond is a more complete 5 category player than Tulowitzki without the injury concerns. Desmond was a 20/20 player last year with a .292 average and with just one more SB he will be a 20/20 player this season. Tulowitzki hasn't put up a 20/20 season since 2009 and he has only stolen as many as 20 bases ONCE in his career. Desmond has stolen 19 or more bases each of the past 3 seasons.

      Cano is a decent 2B...but he does not offer 5 category contributions. Carlos Gomez does...or at least he does in the 4 hitting categories that are counting stats which can be accumulated even with a substandard batting average...if his batting average holds true to this season then Gomez is much more valuable than Cano next year. With just one more HR last season Gomez would have been a 20/30 player (he was 19/37). This season Gomez is a 20/30 player (21/36 with a week left in the season). Cano isn't really that great of a fantasy asset. You can get similar numbers for cheap from Utley, Seagar, or Carpenter next season. The same can't be said for what Gomez and Desmond provide.

      Your keepers are Votto, Desmond, Cabrera, Gonzalez, and Gomez.

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      • It's always nice when comparing an OF to a 2B to get a win in argument. Gomez is probably more of an asset than Cano but in Cano's position he reins.

        I agree with Desmond over Tulo ONLY because of his injuries.

        Rich I agree that he overvalued SBs. They are just one stat while owning better, premium power hitters helps in R, HR, RBI. I agree that the guys with more stolen bases get runs too, and Gomez and Desmond are good examples of the 5 tool guys with power too. You wont find that everywhere and when a guy comes long who is better in 4 of the 5 cats he contributes in, he is better.

        Keepers are: Cano, Miggy, Gomez, Votto, Cargo.

      • You overvalue SB's way too much. Their nice, but I'd take Cano over Gomez and Desmond any day.


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